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Re: Theos-World Re: aeon

Dec 11, 2008 04:08 AM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Hi Christina
You can find the explanation of the calculation of the day of Brahma, in "The Mathematics of the Cosmic mind", recently called "Sacred Geometry" by Gordon Plummer. The book was taken of line and in Point Loma Publications it is now out of print, ;
I do not know why, it is such a beautiful book. you probably can find a second hand one at Amazon, but as far as I remember you do not like to buy through Internet, but most probably you can find this book in the wonderful Dutch book stores.
The conclusion of the number is arrived by calculations on the golden section within the geometrical development of the circle, a very clearly and beautifully explanation of Neo-Platonic philosophy.  
The introduction of this calculations are already given by HPB on the SD volume one
Vol. 1, Page  4   THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
I hope this helps

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Asunto: Theos-World Re: aeon
Fecha: jueves, 11 diciembre, 2008 10:50

Hi Christina,

Sounds to me that person is simply wrong. If you checked the Collected
Writings, the Key to Theosophy AND the Secret Doctrine, why doubt


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> Hi Friends can anyone give answer to this
> HPB should have written that an aeon is 44.434.285.000. 000 years.I 
> could not find that anywere only she mentioned a day of brahma and 
> the century of brahma that is 311.040.000. 000.000
> well we live not as long as that; but how that person comes on the 
> information not to be find in SD I ,II and III as in collected 
> writings and key to theosophy. 
> Christina



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