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Re: aeon

Dec 11, 2008 04:08 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Yes Katinka you are right.I have seen this person on his weblog on 
gnosis ; he have a lot of mistakes, also we are the fifth rootrace 
and not the fourth.We are in the fourth round and the fifth (post 
atlantic) period of time.The english does not make difference in 
tijdperk en tijdvak, while tijdvak( we are in the fifth Christian 
Pisces tijdvak going into the sixt Aquarius  the fifth tijdvak. So 
tijdvak is total different from tijdperk. The Enghlish choose for 
both one word period.

Why I ask; because also HPB said , not take all for sure, just check 
it as much as you can.So if more noses directing the same way we 
mostly can be sure for the way as sure , sure can be.
Maybe after this life we see a lot we thought for sure, possibly can 
be total different.

--- In, "Katinka Hesselink" <mail@...> 
> Hi Christina,
> Sounds to me that person is simply wrong. If you checked the 
> Writings, the Key to Theosophy AND the Secret Doctrine, why doubt
> yourself? 
> Katinka 
> --- In, "christinaleestemaker"
> <christinaleestemaker@> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Friends can anyone give answer to this
> > HPB should have written that an aeon is 44.434.285.000.000 
> > could not find that anywere only she mentioned a day of brahma 
> > the century of brahma that is 311.
> > well we live not as long as that;  but how that person comes on 
> > information not to be find in SD I ,II and III as in collected 
> > writings and key to theosophy. 
> > Christina
> >

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