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Re: Theos-World hello I am new

Dec 10, 2008 08:26 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

A big welcome to you.

I will tell you something.
When I was 13 years of age, I was walking among the shelves in the local library i Denmark. I was already a young bookworm reading all I could get my hands on.
When I was walking I pondered, whether I could find the best and most mysterious and most exciting book in the library, and also in what section it could be hidden.

Then suddenly I faintly heard a voice of a presence, friendly and mild.  I came from behind a bit to the left, as if an older grown up person was standing behind me touching gently my right shoulder. I looked around, and wondered because there were no one there. None at all. But the person was invisible, and talked again when started to walk again to seek out the best book in the library. And the hand was again on my right shoulder.
The voice  said something like: Look to your left. There...There were a circular rack with books. The voice led me to look at one particular book. The book was called "The Initiate" and was written by a person named Cyril Scott. ( )

Later I realised, that this book was the best for me, and not for everyone else.
Yet I have kept this experience in my mind mind all these years. And now I have told about it.

And it was the above book, which really started all my later encounters with the theosophical teachings. - Not that I did not experience something similar when I was 6 years of age arriving for the first time in my mortal life at a library, (in another city though). But that is quite another story.

The book named The Initiate is in fact a trilogy, and is online to read for free.
The Initiate:
The Initiate - In the New World:
The Initiate - In the Dark Cycle:

There is also a book named Zanoni, which H. P. Blavatsky somewhere refers to:

M. Sufilight

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  From: gineata 
  Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:49 AM
  Subject: Theos-World hello I am new

  Just wanted to say hello and to introduce myself. I wanted you to know
  how I came to this site...many years ago I was walking down the
  street. I came upon an estate sale. I went in and heard others talking
  about the person who had just passed on. I love books and I have a
  very inquisitive mind...I found a book on Theos and picked it up. I
  opened the book and felt a hand on mine but no one was anywhere near
  me. I dropped the book and literally ran out of the place. I am now
  ready to take a look at this stuff. I am emotionally and physically
  ready to face what ever the truth is without fear. Have any of you
  ever had any experiences like this and do you have any advice for a
  newbee? Peace to all gineata


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