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Re: Theos-World hello I am new

Dec 10, 2008 08:11 AM
by Drpsionic

And try not to take us either too seriously or as representatives of  
Theosophy as an idea.  This list is contentious at best.
Chuck the Heretic
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Wear a helmut. When they push books of the high shelves at rare  book sellers 
that hit you in head it gets your attention!  Lol.


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From: "gineata" <_goodwnd@gmail.goo_ ( > 
Just  wanted to say hello and to introduce myself. I wanted you to know
how I  came to this site...many years ago I was walking down the
street. I came  upon an estate sale. I went in and heard others talking
about the person  who had just passed on. I love books and I have a
very inquisitive mind...I  found a book on Theos and picked it up. I
opened the book and felt a hand  on mine but no one was anywhere near
me. I dropped the book and literally  ran out of the place. I am now
ready to take a look at this stuff. I am  emotionally and physically
ready to face what ever the truth is without  fear. Have any of you
ever had any experiences like this and do you have  any advice for a
newbee? Peace to all gineata

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