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Re: Theos-World hello I am new

Dec 10, 2008 07:17 AM
by ullessis toto abaya

Welcome to our world, Gineata.

Almost everybody experienced the same. It's a focal point in life. Based on my experience in life, perhaps it's because that was the time when we are re-united with our higher self again. We are the one who plan it all since before we came here on this plane. At that very moment the re-connection was so instant that the only thing we can do is to run. 

Adam & Eve did the same, when they reached a different level of consciousness, they ran away from the face of God. The human nature of being rebellious is so unbearable, thanks to the tolerant nature of the universal mind.Now that you are with us, rejoice, for the deliverance is nigh.

As always said, the purpose of our existence is to exist, that's all, and to experience, and to evolve according to our experiences. Here on this plane we are trained to appreciate good and evil in the perspective of being human. Therefore, let's try to be human, perhaps a not-so-ordinary human.

Peace be with you all, my brothers and sisters


We are all created equal but totally not the same.... 

--- On Tue, 12/9/08, gineata <> wrote:

> From: gineata <>
> Subject: Theos-World hello I am new
> To:
> Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 6:49 PM
> Just wanted to say hello and to introduce myself. I wanted
> you to know
> how I came to this site...many years ago I was walking down
> the
> street. I came upon an estate sale. I went in and heard
> others talking
> about the person who had just passed on. I love books and I
> have a
> very inquisitive mind...I found a book on Theos and picked
> it up. I
> opened the book and felt a hand on mine but no one was
> anywhere near
> me. I dropped the book and literally ran out of the place.
> I am now
> ready to take a look at this stuff. I am emotionally and
> physically
> ready to face what ever the truth is without fear. Have any
> of you
> ever had any experiences like this and do you have any
> advice for a
> newbee?  Peace to all        gineata



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