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Re: Theos-World Riots in Greece

Dec 09, 2008 08:29 AM
by Drpsionic

The comrades do get a bit overexcited.  Stay under cover until it  burns 
itself out.  That is the only thing you can do.
Chuck the Heretic
In a message dated 12/9/2008 8:43:26 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Dear friends,

The situation here is quite critical. We had to cancel  the meetings of the 
lodges until wednesday (and maybe until the end of the  week). I jsut hope the 
anarquists wont set fire in the headquarters of the ts  here (as is located in 
the heart of Athens). So many shops, cars buldings and  residences destroyed. 
All the streets empty, people are afraid to go out.  

Still I had some work to do on the T.S. so I was there Monday very  early in 
the morning, but left 10:30 am, as I was informed that protests would  break 
out in Athens again. I really never saw something like this. Some people  
believe the government will fall. Probably they will call for elections in  order 
to try to control the situation, so far rumours that Greece will enter a  state 
of emergency is denied by the government. 

The impression that  all this situation gives for the people, is the absence 
of a government. The  streets were literaly left on the hands of the 
anarquists, with few police  officers trying to control the situation. I just feel 
sorry for all the people  who in such difficult economical period lost their 
shops, cars and many also  houses. But mostly I feel very sorry for Alexandros, who 
was only 15 years  old, and was murdered in such brutal way.


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