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Re: [Mind and Brain] A Summary of the Paradigm: Extending the Metaphor: Determining the Reality...

Dec 09, 2008 04:30 AM
by pelastration

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> And, again, you now confuse the idea of an electrodynamic   
> holographic universe with the flat holograms of ordinary laser  
> photography -- which of course is fuzzy - since the film emulsion has  
> grain, and even the substrate is particulate and thus, asymmetric.   
> But the radiant higher order, symmetric fields of hyperspace  
> (relative to the physical level of the brain and its electromagnetic  
> fields) are grainless and continuous, like a BEC... And the  
> holographic images they carry can be not only entirely precise, but  
> instantaneous as well.

Leon, in that case IMO you can not use the term "holographic".
Holography is just about the surface (of an object), not about the
inner structure. 
In example - Frank Wilczek - use the term "multi-layered", like I do
in my holon theory.( )



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