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Re: Why Adyar was chosen

Dec 08, 2008 11:35 AM
by Anand

"This Subba Row will help you [Sinnett] to learn, though his terms â?"
he being an initiated Brahmin and holding to the Brahmanical
esoteric teaching â?" will be different from those of the "Arhat
Buddhist" terminology". (Letter 60, chronological.)

"Upasika (Madam B.) and Subba Row, though pupils of the same Master,
have not followed the same philosophy â?" the one is Buddhist and the
other an Adwaitee." (Letter 120, chronological.)

These passages perhaps explain incredible confusion which we see in
Theosophical Society about major ideas. Blavatsky had made many
anti-God statements, that irritated Christians. As these letters
suggest, Blavatsky was perhaps following Buddhist terminology, which
does not recognize existence of God. 
There is very small percentage of humanity which follows Buddhist
religion. Majority of mankind follows religions which are theist. In
all major religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism,
God is most important and central in their philosophies. Majority of
mankind follows these religions, in which God is central, and denying
existence of God is considered by them as great sin. Naturally,
Blavatsky's anti-God Theosophy is rejected and will be rejected by
humanity. Blavatsky had always been humiliated, ridiculed because of
her anti-God statements. Theosophy based on Blavatsky's atheist
terminology won't be accepted by humanity, because people believe in
philosophies that recognized God as central.  
Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater gave Theosophy, which recognizes
existence of God and they consider God as central. That makes
Theosophy of Besant-Leadbeater more acceptable to people. 
Problem is both Blavatsky's atheist Theosophy and Leadbeater's theist
Theosophy came from the same Theosophical Society and they both
considered each other as coworkers and yet there is huge difference in
terminology they use as well as underlying ideas, according to many
students. That has caused incredible confusion about position of the
TS about God.
I think it is extremely important to understand this situation,
because it appears that philosophical conflicts which we see in TS are
caused because of these reasons. 
Anand Gholap

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