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Re: Theos-World Re: A New Age? - * HPB and Mahatmas vs. UFO's and Aliens today*

Dec 07, 2008 09:13 PM
by Augoeides-222

Hi Theo
 Holidays greetings to you a and yours.
     If you mention Charles Fort what about Gray Barker? Just curious.
     George Hunt Williamson, alias Micheal de Obronivic alias Brother Phillip of the Andes was last living in Santa Barbara (The Pacific Research Institute with a Mr Griffin) in the 1980's. At that time he was researching the Glastonbury Zodiac and had some most interesting old roll out renditions he showed to us, I often wonder what became of them after he passed away.

    I've never heard  of Wilhelm Landig can you give a thumbnail about him? Borderlands Research used to be online I haven't visited it in years. Here is a todays link for them in Google Images:


  I"ve never been able to locate the original Sanskrit works named by various people over the years, it seems the spelling they give is some how arcane lol. I would really like to see authenticated verified translations and high resolution images of the design if they exist myself it is an intriguing stimulating assertion. Juan Moriscz and the Caves of the Golden Records is another one of those things.

   Here are some video's made available about the Phenomenal UFO Case I was deeply involved in many years ago. What happened was mind bending and led to me finding Theosophy. BTW it was probably the most complete documented UFO case ever. There were reams of writen materials, 5000 feet of professional movie film, over 400 hours of recorded audio cassetes, dozens of direct witnesses and unbeleivable phenomena.

The Brian Scott Story


 I also can see your view that UFO are very,very complex and cannot rely only on Theosophy.


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From: "paijmanstheo" <> 

I wouldn't go there if I were you, not unless you would have had a
fair grounding in ufology. The vimana saga, for instance, rests on a
translation published no earlier than 1922 - and its sources are suspect.

As to ufology: one would do best to study for instance Jerome Clarke's
'UFO Encyclopedia' and to familiarise oneself with the current state
of ufology. And of course, the books of Charles Fort are mandatory.

Now if you do not understand the complexity of the field of ufology,
any citation of Steven Greer's project is greatly out of order.

Theosophy and ufology? Already in the past we have seen some highly
disputable and downright ill fated hoaxes stemming from that
combination. Ufology strives to attain and maintain scientific
standards. Esotery, by its very nature, does not.

The two are incompatible, unless you'd like to take the zanier fringes
of ufodom into account. After all, in ufology, any connection between
theosophy and the ufo phenomenon is generally frowned upon and rightly
so, as it delivered nothing but cosmic tricksters like Adamski and
Williamson, the philosophical groundings of the contactee movement,
the strange claims of Wilhelm Landig back in Vienna, in short, all the
aspects of the occult approach of the mystery of the ufo phenomenon,
and that sits not very well with ufology. And rightly so. I would put
the thoughts and musings of any theosophist immersed in an
interpretation of the ufo phenomenon in quarantaine, as invariably
such an interpretation would be tainted with a decidedly esoterist and
theosophiacl outlook. And there is no science or objectivity in that.

On the other hand, a fruitful example of this merging between
esoterism and ufology is found in the 1940's Borderlands group
surrounding medium Mark Probert and Meade Layne. Layne was a onetime
member of the Society of Inner Light led by Dion Fortune, who in turn
was a member of Moina Mathers'Golden Dawn lodge. Borderlands thus in
fact forming a branch of the venerable teachings of the Golden Dawn. 

Not that the legacy of Borderlands is accepted in ufology in general,
but they were of influence to one of the most influential writers and
researchers in ufology, John Keel. Not only that, one could make a
case for the emergence of the psychosocial school of ufology, as being
the ultimate distillate of esoterism and science. But not, I am
afraid, through the Theosophical Society.

Sincere regards,

Theo Paijmans

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<global-theosophy@...> wrote:
> Dear friends
> My views are:
> A New Age? - * HPB and Mahatmas vs. UFO's and Aliens today*
> Is a New Age approaching the TS branches and the Alice A. Bailey groups?
> Is the UFO's and Aliens the present day answer to HPB and the
Mahatmas of the past?
> I have som days back e-mailed about the "The Disclosure Project"
> A project about UFO's and the realites about Cropcircles.
> *** Phoenix Lights ***
> Former senator and thousands others claimed to have seen a huge UFO
hovering over Phoenix in 1997. The senator is now at least partly a
member of the Disclosure Project.
> A few questions:
> Let us suppose, that UFO's and cropcircles are real in the sense,
that Aliens (or Star people and Devas etc.) visits us.
> If so, - is then not reasonable to at least compare these present
day events of UFO's and cropcircles in many humans lives - with the
emergence of the Theosophical Society with H. P. Blavatsky and her
Mahatmas, those 25 persons who saw them, and the Mahatma Letters and
those who received them? Is it unfair to compare these to issues?
> Interestingly the TS was started in New York and transferred to India.
> The UFO case started in USA. What if it is stranferred to India and
the Congress of India?
> What would the politicians of India have to say about it?
> We know that they were flying before the Wright brothers, and the
talk of Vimanas in ancient Indian scriptures are of course not
something, which politicians can completely ignore, is it?
> Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology
> They flew in 1895 before the Wright Brothers in india.
> - - -
> Ufo incident near Presidents recidence in Delhi march 2007:
> An article about the incident....
> One Video. Talk about the issue was reported on several news
channels last year.
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