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A New Age? - * HPB and Mahatmas vs. UFO's and Aliens today*

Dec 07, 2008 01:11 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

A New Age? - * HPB and Mahatmas vs. UFO's and Aliens today*
Is a New Age approaching the TS branches and the Alice A. Bailey groups?
Is the UFO's and Aliens the present day answer to HPB and the Mahatmas of the past?

I have som days back e-mailed about the "The Disclosure Project"
A project about UFO's and the realites about Cropcircles.

*** Phoenix Lights ***
Former senator and thousands others claimed to have seen a huge UFO hovering over Phoenix in 1997.  The senator is now at least partly a member of the Disclosure Project.

A few questions:

Let us suppose, that UFO's and cropcircles are real in the sense, that Aliens (or Star people and Devas etc.) visits us.
If so, - is then not reasonable to at least compare these present day events of UFO's and cropcircles in many humans lives - with the emergence of the Theosophical Society with H. P. Blavatsky and her Mahatmas, those 25 persons who saw them, and the Mahatma Letters and those who received them? Is it unfair to compare these to issues?

Interestingly the TS was started in New York and transferred to India.
The UFO case started in USA. What if it is stranferred to India and the Congress of India?
What would the politicians of India have to say about it?

We know that they were flying before the Wright brothers, and the talk of Vimanas in ancient Indian scriptures are of course not something, which politicians can completely ignore, is it?

Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology
They flew in 1895 before the Wright Brothers in india.

- - -

Ufo incident near Presidents recidence in Delhi march 2007:
An article about the incident....
One Video. Talk about the issue was reported on several news channels last year.

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