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TS Preadmission indoctrination

Dec 04, 2008 04:19 PM
by MKR

Recently I found out that some Sections around the world have a sort of
theosophical indoctrination prior to admission for those who want to
formally become members of TS. This is totally foreign to me.

I have been around TS for several years and both in India and USA, anyone
can just apply and become a member. Also, in my years of membership, no one
has asked me at any time what books I have read, if any, and what I have not
read and what my "beliefs" are. I am sure that many members continue to be
so because of they are convinced of the wide ramifications of the First
Object and practical application of it can do a lot of good to a lot of

We have discussed how the membership in India has been increasing whereas
the membership in other countries are diminishing with a high turnover.
Could it be that the "indoctrination" may be hurting the organization by
discouraging free thinking open minded potential members who are turned away
due to the mis-perception that TS is just another cult or religious group
with certain dogmas and beliefs.

I would like to hear from members from other countries to learn how
prevalent this type of indoctrination is.


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