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TS - Current Condition - Comments by a well-known member

Nov 29, 2008 12:22 PM
by MKR

In the recent Messenger (official supplement to the Quest Magazine), Shirley
J Nicholson writes:

"..the downside of independent thinking can lead to dissension and
disharmony" and "During normal times in the TS, the tension between these
two concepts is not so great. But occasionally, as in the recent election,
there are strong feelings about what is best for the Society. Such a
conflict world-wide can develop into a split among Theosophists that can
lead a split in the Society. This has happened more than once in the history
of the TS."

Shirley is a well-respected and highly regarded long-time member of TS and
currently Executive Vice President of Krotona Institute of Theosophy.

It makes me wonder if she has been following what has been going on in the
international election since last December. Early in the campaign, members
were provided with inaccurate and possibly misleading information regarding
the mental and physical health of Radha Burnier for the purpose of defeating
her in the election.

As all of you know, later three highly reputed and well regarded physicians
from two continents (one physician is also a highly regarded long time
member and General Secretary of Slovenia) declared her fit. Even with this
incontrovertible fact, this information was not passed on to the voting
members to keep the members with no access to Internet informed.  In all
fairness and justice, this should have been done.

Of course, all of us here were kept current minute by minute on the facts.
(I am copying this msg to Shirley and hope she subscribes to this maillist
to keep abreast of the TS developments.)

Also, soon after the election, we were surprised by the ultra secret
proposal by a small group of GC members to speedily disenfranchise all of us
and this group to speedily seize the control of the presidency and make the
president a puppet. Even now,  we are all kept in the dark about what is
going on behind the scenes and what else is being cooked by the GC members
behind the scenes. None of them is talking. Having observed what has
happened since last December, silence is not peace. Are we having a calm
before the storm? I do not know. Many be a clairvoyant can help.

One wonders why people like Shirley have been silent when  injustice was
going on and attempts were in foot to disenfranchise all of us and a small
group attempting to seize control of TS.



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