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Re: PC Magazine going Digital - TS may like to follow the lead

Nov 29, 2008 00:05 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear friends,

I have prepared a theosophical e-zine sample in dnl format using 
Special Edition of Theosophy World magazine.

When e-zine is downloaded to the browser right-click into the cover 
to open the menu. Then click on Detach at the bottom of menu to 
detach e-zine from the browser or Save to directly save it on your PC.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Warmest regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> PC Magazine, the well-known computer user magazine is going 100% 
> starting Jan 2009. In the announcement, the Editor lists the 
advantages of a
> Digital Edition. They are:
> -----------------
> +++ It arrives in your e-mail automatically. Just click the link to 
> download the latest edition, or to view it entirely online.
> +++ It is portable. Once you've downloaded the issue (which takes a 
> of seconds), just power up your PC and view it anywhere, on an 
airplane, in
> your hotel room, wherever.
> +++ It looks like the PC Magazine you're familiar and comfortable 
with. I
> know why you've stuck with us all these years. You like the 
magazine and you
> enjoy the format. Our digital platform makes it possible to deliver 
> same magazine experience on your PC. So you can "turn" the pages 
and view
> our features and departments as you do now.
> +++ It's lively and interactive. Our digital edition will 
eventually offer
> rich media options within a magazine format. So, for example, next 
to the
> product review you're reading in First Looks, you can easily view a
> slideshow of that product. Or while you're reading a Solutions 
article on
> Microsoft Outlook tips, our PC Labs experts can walk you through 
the steps
> of some of those tips in a video.
> +++ Yes, you can print it. You can print as many pages of the 
magazine as
> you want.
> +++ It's searchable. Here's something PC Magazine print cannot do. 
Enter a
> search term and PC Magazine Digital will fill all the related pages.
> +++ A live TOC: The table of contents is not only a place to find 
out what's
> in this month's issue. You can use it to navigate directly to the 
> you want to read.
> +++ It's Green: You can actually feel good about the amount of 
paper, ink,
> and gas we'll all be saving by not producing and consuming a 
> magazine.
> -----------------
> MKR Comments:
> Already the Christian Science Monitor has gone Digital. I think this
> indicates the current trend in publishing. It is also to be noted 
that the
> PC Magazine is not paranoid about readers copying or printing and 
is not
> resorting to encrypt or other devices to defeat copying or 
printing. (For a
> geek, all such efforts are futile since there are always 
> I think TS, to start with, some National Sections, can pick up the 
idea and
> make their national magazine available in Digital format in 
addition to
> print format. Since, these days, most of the print setup is done on
> computers, creating a pdf file can be done with a marginal 
increased effort.
> Since there are going to be many members who do not have access to
> computers, a hybrid situation has to be maintained for several 
years to
> come.
> I hope at least some of the more progressive Sections led by 
younger leaders
> may pick up on the idea and try it.
> PS: With the poor economy and escalating costs of printing, I wish a
> situation arises where the sections may not have any alternative 
and force
> them to move to digital format.
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