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Some thoughts on the situation of Tibet

Nov 27, 2008 01:30 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear friends,

Its very sad the position Dalai Lama was placed by China and the horrible lies and accusations perpetuated by the chinese against the Dalai Lama. China also keeps on with their claims about the Indian territory Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese are pressing the Indian government to not recognize any valid government of Tibet in Exile. As the situation gets worst, China reinforces the tension with the claim that states of Arunachal Pradesh used to belong to Tibet and as so belong to China.

We know the Chinese government has a strong campaign against anything related to Tibetan Buddhism and to Dalai Lama. Chineses working for the Chinese government are to be found everywhere in the internet, and are the very first to make such kind of attacks. China is becoming more agressive with its politics and if other nations do not raise their voice against it, things promisses to get worst. Unfortunatly on 15 of November the British Chief Minister recognized the Chinese sovereignty over Tibet. 

Recently the Dalai Lama made the following statements:

"My trust in the Chinese
government has become thinner, thinner, thinner," 
is increasing and I cannot pretend that everything is OK."
have to accept failure. Meantime among Tibetans in recent years, our
approach failed to bring positive change inside Tibet, so criticism has
also increased."

Recently I've joined a group in google, dedicated to the "Buddha" boy, more out
of curiosity to follow what is happening and what will be the final
result of it. Their web-site was hacked yesterday, and a person made
the following post: "Thank you to have allowed me to take your land and
rape your women." I've also read uncountable articles in different blogs of anonymous persons defending China and making horrible accusations against the Dalai Lama and Tibet. The Chinese aggressive approach is not only centered on Tibet but  underground they also work against Tibetan Buddhism. I am afraid that pretty soon the Chinese claims over Indian Territories will also increase. 

Some leaders must assume a very strong position against China claims and policies. Otherwise we shall soon witness much worst things happening.

Erica L. Georgiades

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