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Re: Theos-World Re: Internet files, etc. versus Printed Material

Nov 25, 2008 09:37 PM
by Drpsionic

It is an issue.  I went to electronic publishing some years ago and  while 
the money is actually far better than print, copyright is a nightmare and  the 
only way to keep ahead of the thieves is to constantly update the  material.
Chuck the Heretic
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I hope all Theos-Talk readers will read and re-read your post  below.

It is all true.

Someone pays a price!!!

A  researcher/writer/A  researcher/writer/<WBR>auth
writer/researcher  or an academic/scholar --- has to make a 
living...that is, pay for food, a  place to stay, etc. etc. just like 
everybody else!!

So while it is  good that there is FREE material on the Internet, 
someone has to pay for  it, ie. pay for the research and the writing 
of it, and the cost of  publication either in printed form or on the 

Take my own  research on Madame Blavatsky...Take my own  research on
the sheer  love of it. Never intended to make money off of it. But 
it took money to  do all the research I did. Every article in my 
Blavatsky Archives cost  money. For example, one article was so rare 
that it took me 20 years to  track it down. I finally discovered it 
in the British Library but only  after I had to pay for lots of 
microfilm, etc. So that one article  probably cost me hundreds of 
dollars to obtain. Of course then it had to  be converted into a 
webpage format -- either typed or scanned, etc. etc.  That's going to 
cost money to! Now anyone in the world can read the  article for 

Other researchers, authors, scholars, etc. do  similar things and 
incur all sorts of expenses....incur all sorts of expenses....

Oftentime people forget all of this or never even considered  it.

_http://hpb.cc_ ( 

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Theo Paijmans <th.paijmans@th.> 
> As a  published author, here's the downside on all this freeloading. 
>  Research into arcane and esoteric topics, often of very high 
>  scholarship, mostly comes from outside academia. Meaning: authors 
> researchers who pay for the expenses, time and effort of their  
> endeavours themselves, instead of relying on grants, funds and  
> to cover the costs.
> Have you any idea  just how much research costs in these so-called 
> 'enlightened times'?  From personal experience I know that precisely 
> those files or  documents that we search, are not always 
> stored in  the right and easily accessible archives. It costs time, 
>  money too, to trace and access these important historical source  
> Then one writes a paper or a book. It may take  years, years of hard 
> labour, of study and contemplation, with little  monetary award. So 
> gradually lives in ever more sober  circumstances, almost like a 
> Clothes, food, commodities as  tv and radio, mobile phones, these 
> commodities on which is  saved.
> Then the day arrives. The book is published. The  writer has poured 
> or her heart into it. Every droplet of  sweat and every ounce of 
> The writer sits back and awaits  the response. At least, the 
courtesy of 
> people actually buying  the book because the writer hopes that they 
> as interested in  and passionate about the subject as he or she is.
> And while  they did not write the book themselves, the writer did it 
>  them, and they in return support the writer. I know of many 
> researchers who have quit for that reason. And the above is what  
> told me as being the reason. Again, as a published author, I  have 
> sympathy for their feelings.
> regards,
> Theo
> Augoeides-222@ Augoeides
>  > Daniel,
> > I totally agree the web is a virtual limitless  cornucopia of 
> > that continues to amaze me!!! Google  "Books" is another amazing 
> > resource. One can use it two ways.  The first you use the website 
> > Google Books and can  perform searches by Author Name, Title or 
> > The second  wonderful way is on Google Earth which one can 
activate by:
> >  1. Initializing Google Earth
> > 2. Clicking on "Gallery" in the  "Layers" section on the left 
> > 3. Scroll down the drop  down Gallery contents menu and 
locate "Google 
> > Book  Search"
> > 4. Place a check mark in the empty box
>  >
> > Now whenever to zoom in close on Google Earth little gold  Book 
> > will be seen, place your cursor on an icon and  the Title will 
> > there is also a "more" option and a  link to the PDF file. Many of 
> > books are rare historic  works that appear over the nation they 
> > of. many are  free to download as shown by "Download" at the top 
> >  corner of the page for the Book.
> >
> > Regards,
>  > John
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