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Re: Theos-World Internet files, etc. versus Printed Material

Nov 25, 2008 11:38 AM
by Augoeides-222

   I totally agree the web is a virtual limitless cornucopia of knowledge that continues to amaze me!!! Google "Books" is another amazing resource. One can use it two ways. The first you use the website of Google Books and can perform searches by Author Name, Title or Topic. The second wonderful way is on Google Earth which one can activate by:
      1. Initializing Google Earth
      2. Clicking on "Gallery" in the "Layers" section on the left sidebar
      3. Scroll down the drop down Gallery contents menu and locate "Google Book Search"
      4. Place  a check mark in the empty box

Now whenever to zoom in close on Google Earth little gold Book Icons will be seen, place your cursor on an icon and the Title will appear, there is also a "more" option and a link to the PDF file. Many of the books are rare historic works that appear over the nation they speak of. many are free to download as shown by "Download" at the top right corner of the page for the Book.


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From: "danielhcaldwell" <> 
I love the Internet. I use it all the time. I've had a website
up and running for many years. I like what you can do with websites: 
for example, linking, etc. etc. Things you could never do with printed 

Years before the Internet was up and running for the public, I had 
gathered alot of rare material on Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy. Way 
back then if someone wanted a copy of the material I had to photocopy 
it for them and then mail it to them. Of course that would take time 
and money. And then if a 2nd person or 3rd person wanted the same 
material I had to again copy it and send it. As soon as the Internet 
was available to the public and webpages became a reality I saw the 
potential for distributing material easily and inexpensively ALL OVER 


I hope that printed material is not completely going away.

In fact, at least at this stage in computer technology, there are 
definite advantages in many cases to printed material. 

For example, I find it very hard to quickly browse and scan through 
some websites whereas with a printed book or magazine it is quite easy 
to thumb thru and browse quite quickly thru the material getting --- 
for example --- an overview of what the book offers and is all about.

If you go to, even if Amazon gives a partial view of the 
book's contents, many times it is still hard to know what the book is 
all about, etc. etc. whereas if you find that same book in a 
bookstore, you can quickly thumb thru the volume and determine the 
value of the book.

Now take the following 5 books:





The Great Book of Archaeology

The hardbound copies of these 5 books are literally breathtaking. 
These are large oversized books lavishly illustrated with beautiful 
colored photographs and good text and information. Each book gives you 
a breathtaking "tour" of the subject. If you want to have a basic 
understanding of any of these subjects, these books help you to get 
it. But simply to hold the books and browse thru them is quite an 
experience. As a librarian I love books and these books are simply a 
joy to browse through. As I said beautiful illustrations and large 

An online version of any of these books could NOT give you the 
excitement and wonder that the printed books convey. 

Recently I saw a paperback version of the above History book at a local 
bookstore and it was both smaller than the original hardbound edition 
and the printing wasn't as well done. I was glad I had bought the 
hardbound larger edition.

So although I value what is available thru the Internet and the WWW, I 
hope printed material doesn't go away any time in the near future!!

Plus in many subjects it is hard to find the latest and most reliable 
information on the Internet. 

For example, the latest and most accurate information on various 
religions of the world is hard to come by on the Internet. In fact, I 
would say that the most scholarly and reliable information on religions 
and many related subjects is simply NOT available online --- at least 
not for free.

For example, the definitive 2nd ed. of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION (in 
multi volumes) is not accessible for free on the WWW. Anyone who wants 
to gain a basic understanding of various religions, ancient or modern, 
from the east or the west, etc. etc. should consult this source but 
unless you have a subscription to this reference work or it is made 
accessible to you as a member of certain public libraries or if you are 
a student at some university library, then you cannot freely access 
online this wonderful source of information.

Many other examples could be given.

In summary, I am glad to live in an age when we not only have printed 
books and material but also have online material thru the Internet.

I say make use of each and every source....



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