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Re: [WEDconsc] into the Aztec future again

Nov 22, 2008 11:41 PM
by Leon Maurer

There may be an infinite number of possible future histories.  But  
since the "Now" is all that exists at any moment in time, they can  
only be  completely indeterminate potentialities. without any  
existence. until they happen by direct sequential and accumulative  
cause and effect from moment to moment.

The present is the finished book of the past. The present is also the  
beginning of the book of the future.  And, as the Buddha said,  
"Everything we are (and possibly everything that is) are the results  
of what we have thought' And. "Everything we (and all else) will  
become, is based on what we are thinking now."  This sounds quite  
plausible to me -- since thoughts are the initiators of action. and  
nothing can be created without prior thought (no matter how far in  
the past that thought occurred).

Since our individual thinking is each different and unpredictable  
from moment to moment, the overall future of everything is, thereby,  
indeterminate.  But, we each can determine our own individual future  
depending on the strength of our will, our ability to focus our  
conscious attention, and our degree of intelligence, wisdom and  
knowledge -- limited by, besides acts of nature and illness of one  
kind or another, the unpredictability of all other's thoughts and  
their resultant actions, that could cause our circumstances to change  
beyond our control.

If all that is true, the most likely conclusion is that consciousness  
(at all levels of subjective function) must be the initiator of all  
thoughts and actions, and, thereby, is the fundamental cause of  
everything that occurs or exists, past present and future.  And, this  
would seemingly apply to the generation, involution and evolution of  
the cosmos itself... Since nothing can happen or arise, at any time,  
out of anything or any ground, without an immediate and identifiable  
cause... Even if that first cause is an immaterial or insubstantial  
quality of unconditioned absolute space itself... Which must exist in  
reality (if anything substantial is to exit at all) as an  
unconditioned, all present, potentially infinitely energetic, latent  
foundational ground of everything...

Since, it's obvious that nothing can stand alone or exist in empty  
space without that space "singularity" itself (whatever it is) to  
generate, energize and continuously support it -- it also follows  
that potential consciousness must be an integral quality of that  
primal space prior to cosmogenesis.  This would be required in order  
to willfully initiate the impulse to eject, at near infinite  
velocity, the first 1d ray of primal force that weaves the first 4d  
hyperspherical (hyperspace-time) field of cosmogenesis.

Obviously, as Pythagorus, Plato and the Buddha said, "Nothing can  
come from nothing"... So, that initial  "something" could just appear  
as "nothing" simply because it os empty of all form and totally  
unconditioned from a physical world POV -- although infinitely  
forceful and potentially near infinitely energetic from a spiritually  
cosmic POV.  Thus, Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, "I create this  
entire world with one small part of myself, yet remain separate (and  
undiminished)."  Krishna, of course, representing metaphorically, the  
consciousness and infinite spin momentum of primal space -- the  
potential source of infinite worlds or universes -- each spinning on  
three of its infinite potential perpendicular axes.

Thus. observer or access-consciousness (potential awareness, will,  
qualia, etc.) is apparently ubiquitous everywhere throughout total or  
metaphysical and physical space... and becomes p-consciousness (as we  
experience it) whenever there is a suitable sentient being to act as  
its vehicle. Thus, all forms of matter are potentially p-conscious --  
in varying degrees, depending on their neural or electrochemical  
complexity, along with their accompanying field of mind... Acting as  
an intermediate modifiable media of information between perceptive  
awareness-will, and memory, brain, body, senses and surrounding  
world. This qualitative root of subjective awareness and will can act  
either consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously through whatever  
organism it observes and willfully controls from its source at the  
center of the overall, highest frequency energy order coenergetic  
field permeating and surrounding that organism. (See the human chakra  
field diagram at: )

It's obvious from all this, that QM, and all its interpretations --  
by leaving consciousness, and its causative interaction with matter,  
out of all their equations -- can have no basis in actual reality...  
Other than mathematically describing its physical properties and  

Therefore, it cannot be used to make any assumptions about the past,  
present or future ... And, there can only be ONE determinate past,  
ONE experienced present, and ONE unpredictable future... All,  
determined by the accumulated conscious (and unconscious) actions of  
everyone and everything, from moment to moment, on each and all  
levels of their fields of consciousness -- whether spiritual, mental  
astral or physical (which latter lowest order condition of "total  
space" is the only relative aspect accessible to the conventional  
scientific method).

This principle of the eternal "Now" containing past, present and  
future as a instantaneous whole, would apply to all individual and  
collective local histories, as well as universal histories -- all of  
them rooted in the cycle of spin momentum located at every  
"singularity" source of each sentient being -- whose  
intercommunication on their higher and lower order fields of  
consciousness would appear to be essentially holographic through  
entanglement of all zero-point centers of consciousness within (and  
possibly between on their higher order fields) each organism --  
including the overall cosmos -- whose collective lines of force  
fields between all its interconnected galaxies and stars, would seem  
to constitute its proto-neurology.

The rationale for all this is that -- since the present is the last  
moment of the past, and the future is the next moment of the present,  
there can only be one past, present and future occurring  
simultaneously in each "Now" cycle of the ultimate division of time  
on each of the four planes or dimensions of overall reality.  IOW,  
all past, and future reality is pre-determinatively present in the  
zero-point-instant "now" cycle of change on each frequency energy  
phase order of fundamental reality...  With our physical space time  
being only that aspect of total space we ordinarily experience  
relative to our physical bodily existence.  Although, consciousness  
being ubiquitous, we can experience continuusly varying altered  
states of consciousness as we concentrate and shift our attention to  
the higher order fields during meditation, when all stray thoughts  
are eliminated and the outer senses blocked (or unconsciously during  
sleep when the outer senses lie dormant).

We might also consider that the highest order astral, mental and  
spiritual fields of consciousness have a relative time cycle or  
frequency spectrum at least one order greater than that of the metric  
physical fields.  Thus, as the ancient Chinese philosophers (who  
designed the I-Ching) noted -- the future of corresponding  
evolutionary change on the spiritual level could occur long before it  
happens on the physical/material plane.  This information,  
transmitted through coenergetic morphogenetic fields, could be how  
evolution on the physical level is guided -- as hypothesized by  
Rupert Sheldrake in his book: "A New Science of Life."

Accordingly, it could very well be possible, then, that on the even  
higher cosmic spiritual plane (vibrating at a near infinite time  
cycle frequency) -- the entire future of the physical/material cosmos  
has already occurred.

So, perhaps the ancient occult catechisms that "The microcosm is the  
mirror of the macrocosm" and "As above, so below" -- are referring to  
this aspect of fundamental realty...  Which, incidentally, seems to  
perfectly conform with the original (un-renormalized) equations of  
general relativity, as well as with the multidimensional hyperspace  
fields of string and M theories... While also predicting the  
holographic nature of all reality.

Incidentally, while I've taken pains to make these ideas as simply  
understandable as possible, I don't expect anyone to completely  
comprehend it all without concentrated study and meditation, using  
one's imagination, on the word pictures I've attempted to paint here,  
as well as illustrate in my outline of the ABC model of cosmogenesis  
posted at the web site below.

I welcome all comments, pro or con, provided they are presented  
clearly and logically.

Best wishes.
Leon Maurer
"Note:  This canonizer topic site enables us to directly compare  
theories and models of consciousness and its interconnections with  
mind, memory, brain, body, senses, etc..  If you agree with the ABC  
theory of cosmogenesis -- postulating consciousness as an a priori  
quality of ubiquitous absolute space (or any other reasonable theory)  
please feel free to sign on to add your support or, if you have  
anything to add or contribute to the topic, open a new sub-camp  

On Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:57 pm ((PST)) "richard ruquist" yanniru wrote:

Does the Many Histories QM interpretation follow from the Many  
Futures interpretation.

OTOH, if there is one past, then only one of the many futures is  

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