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MahatmaLetters on Parabrahm

Nov 22, 2008 05:03 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Dear All, as I read all well and I give some messages before all the 
pages on which they wrote on Parabrahm as well as so called God.
I searched for the real Parabrahm and they give on page 88 the 
explantation AdiBuddhi, the mystic universally diffused  essence .

While on following page 89 they wrote a different form which commonly 
is called God (Parabrahm+Maya=Iswar)which is periodical ( till next 
pralaya).  And also is named AdiBuddhi and in my vieuw that is a 
pressmistake and need to be AtmaBuddhi. 
Later on this subject I see that on page 338 Iswara coreectly 
interpreted  it is divine self perceived or seen by Self, the Atmanor 
seventh principle ridded of its mayavic distinction from its 
Universal Source .So it is a press mistake on page 89.

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