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Re: Theos-World Re: Meister Eckhart on "God"

Nov 22, 2008 03:19 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

I wrote about ParaBrahm as it was defined in TS before W. C. Leadbeater started to tell people about the importance of what he quite misleading called "God".

>From The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky:
"An Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable PRINCIPLE on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude. It is beyond the range and reach of thought -- in the words of Mandukya, "unthinkable and unspeakable." 
(The Secret Doctrine, vol. 1, p. 14)

H. P. Blavatsky and Master says:
"Parabraham is not this or that, it is not even consciousness, as
it cannot be related to matter or anything conditioned. It is not Ego nor is
it Non-ego, not even Atma, but verily the one source of all manifestations
and modes of existence."
(written in The secret Doctrine, Vol 1., page 130 by Blavatsky )

Se for instance also my posting july 2008 at Theos-talk

But some persons do not understand, so they continue to find the word "God" to be so very important even when we clearly have shown that it is not so.M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Theos-World Re: Meister Eckhart on "God"

  Morten I copied the same, but not any respond.
  By the way it is the vision of the East.
  Can we explain what is parabrahm?
  For example ML 15 page 88-9:
  The initiated Brahmin calls it Yin Sin and Fohat,Brahman and Sakti 
  when manifesting as that force.We will perhaps be near correct to 
  call it infinite life and the source of all life visible and 
  invisible, an essence of inexhaustible, ever present, in short 
  Swabhavat.(S in its universal application and Fohat when manifesting 
  throughout our phenomenal world, or rather the visible universe,hence 
  in its limitations.It is pavritti when active, nirvritti when passive.
  Call it the Sakti of parabrahm if you like and say with the Adwaities
  (Subba Row is one) that Parabrahm + Maya becomes Ishwar, the ceative 
  principle- a power commonly called God which disappears and dies with 
  the rest when pralaya comes.
  Or you may hold with the northern Buddhists philosophers and call it 
  AdiBuddhi, the all- pervading supreme and absolute intelligence with 
  iis periodically manifesting Divinity-"Avalokiteshvara"a manvantaric 
  intelligent nature crowned with humanity. 

  see more on parabrahm on pages: 86.52,53-4,74,89,195,338-9 and 340.

  We can search for all page in which has been used parabrahm for 
  having a total vision.

  As I understand well Parabrahm is infinite( an attribute of Yin Sin, 
  or the one form of existence) AdiBuddhi or Dharmakaya, the mystic, 
  universally diffused essence,which stays forever)when manifesting in 
  the fenominal world of senses, namely, only your old acquaintance 
  Fohat. But with maya is disappears and dies when pralaya comes.So 
  what we call god(Iswar) is temporary.
  I cannot understand why they also called that AdiBuddhi, for that 
  never disappears and also never dies.


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  > Dear all readers
  > My views are:
  > There is no God.
  > There is ParaBrahm.
  > Mahatma Letter 10:
  > "Therefore, we deny God both as philosophers and as Buddhists. We 
  know there 
  > are planetary and other spiritual lives, and we know there is in 
  our system 
  > no such thing as God, either personal or impersonal. Parabrahm is 
  not a God, 
  > but absolute immutable law, and Iswar is the effect of Avidya and 
  > ignorance based upon the great delusion. The word "God" was 
  invented to 
  > designate the unknown cause of those effects which man has either 
  admired or 
  > dreaded without understanding them, and since we claim and that we 
  are able 
  > to prove what we claim -- i.e. the knowledge of that cause and 
  causes we are 
  > in a position to maintain there is no God or Gods behind them.
  > The idea of God is not an innate but an acquired notion, and we 
  have but one 
  > thing in common with theologies -- we reveal the infinite. But 
  while we 
  > assign to all the phenomena that proceed from the infinite and 
  > space, duration and motion, material, natural, sensible and known 
  (to us at 
  > least) cause, the theists assign them spiritual, super-natural and 
  > unintelligible an un-known causes. The God of the Theologians is 
  simply and 
  > imaginary power, un loup garou as d'Holbach expressed it -- a power 
  > has never yet manifested itself. Our chief aim is to deliver 
  humanity of 
  > this nightmare, to teach man virtue for its own sake, and to walk 
  in life 
  > relying on himself instead of leaning on a theological crutch, that 
  > countless ages was the direct cause of nearly all human misery."
  > M. Sufilight
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  > Subject: Re: Theos-World Meister Eckhart on "God"
  > Here is a real story.
  > Here one early morning, a man, his wife, and two kids were walking 
  on the
  > side walk of a major street, all of them in birthday suits. A 
  > stopped them and politely inquired of them why are they in this 
  > may be they are homeless or someone stole all their clothes etc.
  > The man responded responded that God commanded them to take throw 
  away all
  > their clothes and directed them to start walking on the sidewalk. 
  > policeman politely told them he would give a ride and took them to 
  > police station in his patrol car.
  > At least they are not doing any harm to anyone. Sometimes God acts 
  > strange ways!!! I like such a God not the ones which is on a 
  > path.
  > mkr
  > On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 12:16 PM, <Drpsionic@...> wrote:
  > > I rather like my comment on God when my wife had her stroke and 
  was in a
  > >
  > > coma for two weeks, thus causing one of her sisters to comment 
  that "God
  > > has a
  > > reason for this." My response was, "If your idiot God knew what 
  he was
  > > doing
  > > in the first place she would not be here!"
  > >
  > > Chuck the Heretic
  > >
  > >
  > > In a message dated 11/16/2008 11:49:06 A.M. Central Standard Time,
  > > danielhcaldwell@... <> writes:
  > >
  > > Here are some of my favorite quotes from
  > > Meister Eckhart (c.1260-c.1328, German mystic):
  > >
  > > "God is exempt from all things and he is
  > > all things."
  > >
  > > "He who thinks that he sees God, if he
  > > see aught sees naught of God."
  > >
  > > "I do not find God outside myself nor
  > > conceive him excepting as my own and in me."
  > >
  > > "If I were not, God would not be God."
  > >
  > > "All creatures are pure nothingness. I
  > > do not say they are small or
  > > petty: they are pure nothingness.p
  > >
  > > "The being [of things] is God."
  > >
  > > "The being and the nature of God are
  > > mine. . . . the spark in the soul is beyond
  > > time and space; the soul's
  > > light is uncreated and cannot be created, it
  > > takes possession of God with no mediation; the
  > > core of the soul and the core of God are one."
  > >
  > > "Why I pray God to rid me of God is because
  > > conditionless being is above God and above
  > > distinction.d
  > >
  > > "God works, the Godhead does no work."
  > > -------------------------------------------------
  > >
  > > [Short biographical sketch of Eckhart at:
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  > > ( ]
  > >
  > > Do the IDEAS given in these quotes by Eckhart
  > > relate to what is written about "God" in THE
  > >
  > > If so,how?
  > >
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