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Remote Management and TS

Nov 21, 2008 09:35 PM
by MKR

I watched the TV today where the top executives of the three US auto
manufacturers appeared before the Congress requesting 25 billion help to
tide over the current financial situation. How did they travel to Washington
DC. They did it by flying corporate private jet. Congressmen dressed down
the executives asking why they were flying in private jets when they came
begging for help from taxpayers.

I was wondering why did they fly at all. They have technology and could have
used teleconferencing and saved time and money. Are they not smart enough to
do it. Answer is simple. Tele/video conference would have been disastrous
even though technically and theoretically it is supposed to be an efficient

There was some theoretical speculation by some that TS can be run remotely
with tele/video conferencing from the homes of the leaders. Perhaps some
uninformed members were made to believe it will work.

In my home town, the world's largest telecommunication company was
headquartered. They had all the world's leading edge technology and money to
deploy and use them. In addition they have a fleet of private jets for the
executives to use. In spite of all this, a few months ago, the company moved
to a large city 250 miles north of here. All the top executives also moved.
Physical presence of the top executives at the new location was essential.
The reason was simple. In addition, ease of travel was critical and the top
executives have to travel world-wide for dealing with business issues.

I thought, we all need to be aware of what is going on and what is
theoretical and what works.



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