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Re: Theos-World Re: "Respect" in Internet Discussions

Nov 21, 2008 02:24 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Hi Katinka
You wrote
"One of the reasons I
have not been all that active here is precisely because some people
just can't seem to help flooding the forum with infinitely repeated
What repeated arguments you mean, the understanding on God, the TS rules change, or any other reapited subect?. I think anyone on this forum, would welcome any new topic to be discuss that you would desire to propose, whenever you feel like expresing new estartling thogths, insigths or topics including TS politics  . 
Best Regards

--- El mié, 19/11/08, Katinka Hesselink <> escribió:

De: Katinka Hesselink <>
Asunto: Theos-World Re: "Respect" in Internet Discussions
Fecha: miércoles, 19 noviembre, 2008 2:44


I'll be responding in between.
--- In theos-talk@yahoogro, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> From time to time, you will find mention is made about the issue of
> in messages posted in Internet. It is an interesting topic and I
would like
> to talk about it.
> First of all, Internet (especially the
unmoderated/ uncontrolled/ uncensored)
> independent forums such as this, is the most level field. Many of us
> been posting messages for several years and none of us have
complained about
> lack of respect in the messages.

Well, that's because complaining does not help. One of the reasons I
have not been all that active here is precisely because some people
just can't seem to help flooding the forum with infinitely repeated

> This is because, you cannot command or demand respect from independent
> participants. You earn it by your actions both here as well as
outside (if
> outside actions are relevant and we come to know of them.) Some who are
> are/were occupying positions of power of one kind or another, end up
> in a psychological cocoon and it is very difficult to get out of it
in real
> world where we are all equals because no one can exert any kind of power
> over others.

That is true. It is indeed an issue for anybody in power that they get
isolated from people who disagree with them. It's one of the
guru-traps: only meeting people who admire you and agree with you. 

> There was an incident in one of Krishnamurti' s group meetings. He
went round
> and inquired each one present as to what they are. One said he is a
> another a teacher, third an accountant, fourth a homemaker, fifth
chef and
> so on. When everyone has responded, K said all of them are wrong.
> is human being first and foremost.

Great anecdote, but he was baiting them. The usual answer to that
question is to name your occupation, if you have one. 

> He said the doctor is a doctor when he is treating a patient. An
> is one when he is in his office and doing his accounting work and so
on. We
> tend to bring our profession and other personal accomplishments into
> and they are irrelevant except when you are engaged in the specific
> professional act. When we meet and interact with each other as
friends, we
> are all human beings and keeping that in mind makes interaction and
> communication easy.
> So when we consider the question of respect, we need to be aware and not
> expect respect in our message exchanges because of one's position
(past or
> present), one's accomplishments in other fields etc. When this is
done, real
> communication is possible and the whole focus on "respect" fades
away and
> one would not complain about lack of respect.

I don't mind about respect. But I do mind when people attack people
without thinking things through. Or when they repeat arguments they've
already made & keep pounding on their favorite hobby horse. 


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