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TS - Elections - Allegations against Indian Section

Nov 20, 2008 06:54 PM
by MKR

In a posting on website, Bland states:

"... the Indian Section has a different system of voting, with limited
transparency due in part to its diverse linguistic makeup, and according to
some former officers at Adyar, they do not have accurate records of their
membership, nor do they maintain their ballot records for an adequate review
period . . . This is hardly democratic."

On looking at the above, here are my comments:

This is the first time I am hearing that Indian Section's voting system is
different and how it has limited transparency.

Indian democracy with multiple linguistic groups with a billion people has
more extensive experience in dealing with elections than other countries
with such massive voters and the Indian election turnout is also quite high
compared to Western democracies. And the elections are as transparent
anywhere in the world.

I do not understand how in the TS election, Indian Section is less
transparent compared to the rest of the world. This needs explanation.

Membership records issue is just one more allegation and those former
officers who are the source of this should stand up and give more specific
information on this.

No one has so far alleged that Indian Section has violated any rules and
regulations regarding the election process. I am also sure there are
policies in place about the retention of ballot records etc and no one has
pointed out that any of them have been violated.

I have lived in India and based on this I can say that the theosophists in
India as honest, ethical and dedicated as anywhere in the world.

I hope someone in the know will enlighten all of us on the above items so
that we can understand what is going on.



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