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Re: Shared Leadership

Nov 20, 2008 01:00 AM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Warwick,

It is nice to hear that you consider article good basic information. 
When you will think that time is ripe to share the material you 
mention with me personally or with the members you can safely upload 
it to my website server through the following web page:

What bothers me at this point is that there are within the Society 
some alienated centers of power we are not willing or afraid to talk 
about, and which continue to behave in an established but very 
questionable manner. It will be hard to proceed if we will not be 
able to dispel this obstacle and "vow of silence" and sincerely 
discuss the problem and possible alternatives.

It seems that this situation has brought about also some 
disappointment with the current discussion on the institutional 
issues on the "Theosophical Community" and that maybe some special 
joint effort should be made to revive the debate on some higher level 
to show that we are able to confront also this kind of problems.

Warmest regards,

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> wrote:
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> > Friends,
> > 
> > I have made some research on the topic of Shared Leadership on 
> net. 
> > So, to throw some water to the seed I invite to read this article:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Warmest regards,
> > Anton
> >
> Hello Anton
> I have just caught up with the article on shared leadership you 
> posted on the site some time back. It is a very good article. As 
> are probably aware I am intertested in pursuing the subject within 
> TS. I am already working towards a shared leadership arrangement in 
> New Zealand TS.
> I have some interesting material on the subject, some of it from a 
> slightly different perspective to the article you posted. I hope to 
> initiate informal discussion on the subject at Adyar and follow it 
> with General council members and others in coming months.
> Thank you again for the article. You will hear more on the subject 
> before long.
> Warm regards
> Warwick Keys
> National President
> Theosophical Society in New Zealand.

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