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Re: Shared Leadership

Nov 19, 2008 12:44 PM
by Warwick Keys

--- In, "Anton Rozman" <anton_rozman@...> 
> Friends,
> I have made some research on the topic of Shared Leadership on the 
> So, to throw some water to the seed I invite to read this article:
> Warmest regards,
> Anton

Hello Anton

I have just caught up with the article on shared leadership you 
posted on the site some time back. It is a very good article. As you 
are probably aware I am intertested in pursuing the subject within 
TS. I am already working towards a shared leadership arrangement in 
New Zealand TS.

I have some interesting material on the subject, some of it from a 
slightly different perspective to the article you posted. I hope to 
initiate informal discussion on the subject at Adyar and follow it up 
with General council members and others in coming months.

Thank you again for the article. You will hear more on the subject 
before long.

Warm regards

Warwick Keys
National President
Theosophical Society in New Zealand.

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