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Theos-World Re: Comments on some statements in Pseudo-letter No. 10

Nov 18, 2008 00:22 AM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Cass,

I agree with your views. In addition, I use to understand the purpose 
of the TS objects in the context of needed social changes we should 
help to stimulate with making the Theosophy known. And as the 
religious fundamentalism is one of the greatest plagues in the world 
the comparative study of religions should certainly enable us for 
better understanding and for more efficient addressing of public 

At this point I don't know if certain direct or experiential 
exploration of laws of nature can not be organized as a group work 
but am inclined to think that in cooperation with science some 
interesting methods of work could be possibly developed. 

Warmest regards,

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> Hi Anton
> In order to form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity 
by  encouraging the study of COMPARATIVE RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY - 
screams at me that she wanted us to know that there are other 
religions and philosophy that not only compare but reinforce the 
teachings of theosophy - that orthodox religion provides no 
comparison as whatever truths were have since been distorted and that 
by studying these comparitive philosophies we will come to learn the 
laws of nature that govern not only ourselves but the universe.
> As most on the group cannot directly explore the laws of nature our 
only avenue to understanding them is through science or the 
aristotelian philosophy of through its particulars.   Perhaps it is 
a bottom up learning experience - first we understand the particulars 
in order to make sense of the universals?  Who knows
> Cass
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> From: Anton Rozman <anton_rozman@...>
> To:
> Sent: Monday, 17 November, 2008 7:14:33 AM
> Subject: Theos-World Re: Comments on some statements in Pseudo-
letter No. 10
> Dear Anand,
> >But then why should we meet in Theosophical lodge?<
> Well, let me remind you about the objects and purpose of the 
> Theosophical Society:
> 1. To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, 
> without distinction of race, creed, caste or color. 
> 2. To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy and 
> Science. 
> 3. To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent 
> man.
> For our doctrines to practically react on the so-called moral code, 
> or the ideas of truthfulness, purity, self-denial, charity, etc., 
> have to preach and popularize a knowledge of Theosophy.
> ............ ......... .....
> So, if the lodges' meetings and work would be dedicated to the 
> of Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science and to the 
> investigation of laws of Nature and the powers latent in man, to 
> development and adoption of scientific methods for this study, to 
> research of social environment and to the best methods for the 
> promotion of theosophy in specific circumstances, and so on, and so 
> on, (Read also Taimni's Principles of theosophical work) then 
> probably there would not be a need to ruminate various theosophical 
> creeds and to send fellow theosophists to Mars. 
> It seems that too many members simply do not understand what kind 
> Society they joined, although it is equally true that already for a 
> long time this Society suffers the identity crisis as it was used 
> other organizations for their own purposes - for the promotion of 
> various creeds. 
> Warmest regards,
> Anton
> > Comments by Anand Gholap:
> > Theosophical Society may be proud of not having any creed. And it 
> may
> > also become proud of not having distinctions based on caste, 
> > sex etc.
> > But then why should we meet in Theosophical lodge?
> > Person can go to any club to pass time. In club also people of
> > different natures come together. Or he can join a library where
> > there will be many books on different religions. He can borrow 
> > books and study, or he can join some Theology course.
> > So, despite fantastic idea of not having creed, I feel that 
> of
> > TS come to TS to study Theosophy, which is composed of writings of
> > main Theosophists. For these students writings of these favorite
> > Theosophists is creed. You can see students of Blavatsky 
> in
> > writings of Blavatsky like creed. And some others believing in
> > writings of Besant and Leadbeater like creed. So I think despite
> > official statements of no creed, there do exist some unofficial 
> creeds
> > in TS. And if people are not interested in those creeds, i.e. 
> writings of
> > favorite Theosophists, they will not come to TS.
> > That means even if TS has not declared officially any creed, 
> are
> > 3-4 unofficial creeds in existence. And if even these unofficial
> > creeds are removed, then there does not remain any reason for 
> > to come to the Theosophical Society.
> > My problem is related to this issue. I want to spread creed of 
> Besant
> > and Leadbeater. Because Blavatsky and Krishnamurti were connected 
> > the TS, when I spread creed of Leadbeater, I indirectly give 
> > to other creeds of Blavatsky and Krishnamurti. Now, I don't agree 
> with
> > writings of Blavatsky and Krishnamurti and I don't want to be
> > responsible for spreading creeds of Blavatsky and Krishnamurti. 
> > can I do that? One solution I found is to reject Krishnamurti by
> > expressly writing in my article. I think I should show mistakes of
> > Blavatsky and reject that teaching expressly.
> > This message gives some idea of how unofficial creeds exist in TS 
> and
> > their dynamics.
> > 
> > Best
> > Anand Gholap
> >
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