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TS Rule 36

Nov 15, 2008 01:48 AM
by Anton Rozman

In the TS Rules and Regulations, Rule 36. Authority of Charters and 
Diplomas, it is stated the following:
(a) All Charters of National Societies or Lodges (Branches) and all 
Diplomas (Certificates) of membership derive their authority from the 
President, acting as Executive Officer of the General Council of the 
Society, and may be cancelled by the same authority.

As far as I know President N. Sri Ram decided that he will not issue 
membership Diplomas with his signature any more and that Sections 
will from then on provide to new members the Diploma using a stamp 
with his signature. 

Does anybody know if Sections provide these Diplomas regularly and if 
there is unified form of membership Diploma or that forms of Diplomas 
issued by Sections are different? I know that at least one Section 
does not issue Diplomas at all. 

I don't know how this situation is looked upon by TS members but I 
think that this act was a symbolic break of the direct tie between 
the TS President and every individual member of the Society and that 
recent changes and proposals are maybe just continuation of this 
probably unconscious policy to put away seemingly unimportant 
administrative operations.

Warmest regards,

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