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Re: Theos-World TS Rules - 2007 Edition

Nov 14, 2008 07:27 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear Ramadoss,

When I decided to create web pages regarding current TS matters I had 
in mind interests of the TS because it is my firm conviction that 
well informed members are best protection of these interests. To 
provide information I use every available source and contact every 
member nevertheless her/his position in the TS is and who is willing 
to share the information, and I will continue to do so. 

>Is there a way to verify the authenticity independently? After what 
went on during the election, one takes everything with a grain of 

You are certainly totally free to not trust the information provided 
or me personally and verify it on your own. 

>It would be interesting to find out what changes were made in 2005 & 
2006 and who is behind them and why the changes were needed. Looking 
back we can understand better the "real" motivations rather than the 
stated reasons.<

I will try to figure out the changes comparing the text. But maybe 
this information could be provided by Pedro Oliveira, so that this 
additional work will not be needed. Actually, I think that we could 
get from him much more information we are now hopelessly searching 

People have serious problems to discover their own "real" motivations 
therefore it is quite unrealizable task to discover "real" 
motivations of other persons. At the end we finish to ascribe to them 
our own "real" motivations. Anyhow, what can and should be achieved 
is transparency of the proceedings and participation of all members 
in the decision making process.

>Looking at the current situation surrounding TS, it is highly 
probable that Dugpas and Shammars are active to impede the work of TS 
as they were doing in the early days of TS. They are very clever and 
cunning and stand behind the scenes and use others to do their dirty 
destructive work. All of us have to be vigilant so that unwittingly 
we do not become their tools without realizing it.<

Pathology of dark forces has already done enormous damage to the TS. 
Someone rightly said that these forces are our own demons. 

>If any of you have any ideas about the red flags one has to watch 
out for? I would like to hear them. It will help all of us, including 
those who may have fallen into their hands unwittingly already.<

According to my experience chase of dark forces was just a method 
used to get rid of or to discredit co-members who were not willing to 
subdue to certain policy. The accusations were always general but 
anyone was able to understand who poor obsessed fellow is. This was 
quite successful method because there is no defense possible. But I 
hope that those days have finally passed. 

Dear Ramadoss, I am sorry, but I can not participate in this Holy War 
because I find it extremely harmful for the TS.

Warmest regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Is there a way to verify the authenticity independently? After what 
went on during the election, one takes everything with a grain of 
> mkr

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