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Re: Comments on some statements in Pseudo-Letter No. 10

Nov 14, 2008 07:17 AM
by christinaleestemaker

because the matter on which it acts is not physical matter as you 
see !

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> Here are comments on some statements in Pseudo-Letter No. 10
> Below statements says One Life has properties of matter. That sounds
> plainly wrong.
> ---------------
> "When we speak of our One Life we also say that it penetrates, nay 
is the
> essence of every atom of matter; and that therefore it not only has
> correspondence with matter but has all its properties likewise, 
etc. --
> hence is material, is matter itself. "
> --------------------------------
> It is not clear why Life is condemned in this letter and matter is
> praised. Read below statement.
> ------------------------
> "(2) Matter we know to be eternal, i.e., having had no beginning (a)
> because matter is Nature herself (b) because that which cannot
> annihilate itself and is indestructible exists necessarily -- and
> therefore it
> could not begin to be, nor can it cease to be (c) because the 
> experience of countless ages, and that of exact science show to us 
> (or nature) acting by her own peculiar energy, of which not an atom 
> ever in an absolute state of rest, and therefore it must have always
> existed, i.e., its materials ever changing form, combinations and
> properties, but its principles or elements being absolutely
> indestructible."
> -------------------------
> Again here it is not clear why matter is made supreme. Read 
> below.
> ------------------------
> "In other words we believe in MATTER alone, in matter as visible 
> and matter in its invisibility as the invisible omnipresent 
> Proteus with its unceasing motion which is its life"
> --------------------------------
> Again statement below is opposite of what spiritual classics teach.
> Idea of pure Existence is called absurdity.
> -------------------
> "The existence of matter then is a fact; the existence of motion is
> another
> fact, their self existence and eternity or indestructibility is a
> third fact.
> And the idea of pure spirit as a Being or an Existence -- give it
> whatever
> name you will -- is a chimera, a gigantic absurdity."
> --------------------------
> Read below statment and you will find that it is neither supported 
> scientists nor spiritualist. It is unbelievable invention. Accepted
> chelas like CWL, AB, SR never said such a thing happens.
> -----------------
> "The butterfly devoured by a bird becomes that bird, and the little 
> killed by an animal goes into a higher form."
> ----------------------------------------------
> Another unbelievable statement "Evil is the exaggeration of good"
> One more false statement in so called Mahatma Letter "neither a 
> nor a wild (free) animal die of disease"
> Another unbelievable statement from ML 10 is below. According to
> chelas, theist philosophies and religions were given by Great Ones
> from White Brotherhood. Did they mislead humanity by creating idea 
> God. And what about millions of people who fear to do sin because 
> fear God? What about millions of people who do good works in order 
> please their God ?
> ----------------------
> "It is belief in God and Gods that makes two-thirds of humanity the
> slaves of a handful of those who deceive them under the false 
> of saving them."
> ---------------------------------------------
> Read below. If this is so, why accepted chelas of Masters built
> Christian church, a Hindu temple in Adyar campus ? And why does TS
> tell that people should live religions and should not leave 
> ? And why then Theosophy called source of all religions, most of 
> are theist ?
> -------------------
> "Remember the sum of human misery will never be diminished unto that
> day when the better portion of humanity destroys in the name of 
> morality, and universal charity, the altars of their false gods."
> ------------------------------------
> It appears that many statements in this so called Mahatma Letter 10
> are simply false and unbelievable. They can not be supported by any
> other spiritual writing and not even by writings of accepted chelas 
> the same Masters. I have to assume that this letter contains
> Blavatsky's own thoughts and not the thoughts of the Masters.
> In just one letter I found so many absurdities, many more such
> absurdities can be found if I examine other so called Mahatma 
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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