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Anand is Giving Nothing but Assertions & Vague Statements

Nov 14, 2008 01:57 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

There are many statements in Mahatma Letters which are wrong and
misleading. These Letters are materialized by Blavatsky and she
included her own thoughts. Her own confusions and her wrong
understanding of spiritual things have entered into Mahatma Letters.
...We need to understand that Krishnamurti project was fiasco and also
Mahatma Letters contain wrong thoughts of Blavatsky....Many are 
blindly believing in Krishnamurti, Blavatsky and Mahatma Letters and 
are spreading these teachings as if infallible God has told those 
teachings. In reality, many statements in the teachings of
these are contrary to what God teaches.

Unless I am missing something here, Anand, you have failed time and 
time again to back up your statements with evidence and needed 

You have not shown us that statements in the Mahatma Letters are 
wrong and misleading.  You have simply asserted that such is the 
fact.  But you have not documented that such is the case.  Your 
explanations have been scant or non-existent.

Again you have merely asserted that HPB had "confusions" and "wrong 
understanding of spiritual things" but you have not actually shown 
that what you assert are "confusions" and "wrong understanding" are 
in fact anything other than maybe your own confused and wrong 
understanding of the teachings of HPB and the Mahatmas.

Now you claim that you know that many of these statements by 
Blavatsky and the Mahatmas are "contrary to what God teaches"!!

Who is this "God" and please describe this God and how you know what 
this "God teaches"?  Is this 
god "Yahweh", "Jupiter", "Vishnu", "Odin" or some other god???


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