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TS - Visiting Lecturers can help Lodges

Nov 13, 2008 09:05 AM
by MKR

Some time ago, when I was looking at some of the old records, it was very
revealing how in the past, say about 30 years ago or more, many of the well
known lecturers such as Geoffrey Hodson, N Sri Ram and others visited this
city and gave lectures. In the last decade, we have not seen much of
lecturers visiting and lecturing. I have seen years ago, in the Dallas Fort
Worth area, after a little known lecturer visited on his own, the lodge in
Fort Worth was revived and activated.

I am wondering if increased number of visiting lecturers, will help to
create some momentum to the activities of the lodges and thus result in
attracting new members. Attracting new members, in my opinion, should be
number one priority, of all sections. After all TS was launched to benefit
many and not a selected few.


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