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Re: Richard on 3 branches of the TS in the US

Nov 13, 2008 03:16 AM
by Richard Semock

--- In, "danielhcaldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Richard,
> You write:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> The first two have their own version if the SD (1-vol & 2-vol) and
> the third group sells both versions but they each have the same
> content.
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Well, actually the third group (TPH Wheaton) sells their own
> version which was edited by Boris de Zirkoff as part of the
> COLLECTED WRITINGS series.  It has the same pagination as the
> original 2 volume work but BdeZ edited the wording and formatting, 
> This version also includes a 3rd volume which is an index of the 
> 2 volumes plus a bibliography of all works HPB cited in the SD.
> TUP Pasadena and Theosophy Co. Los Angeles offer photographic 
> facsimiles of the original SD edition.
> You also comment:
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Regrettably, the masters abandoned the TS when HPB passed away which
> gives one pause about just who is the arbiter of ancient wisdom and
> the TS.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Can you share with us why you think the masters abandoned the TS 
> HPB died?
> Daniel

The mahatma letters stopped and they didnt pick up a telephone to 
call anyone after it was invented, no emails from them nowadays 
either. Its almost as if it was all made up by HPB (like the moon 
shots) and she took it to the grave with her. 

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