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Rv: Theos-World Livraga and the Masters

Nov 11, 2008 06:05 AM
by Noel vasco

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Asunto: Theos-World Livraga and the Masters

Livraga and the Masters

============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ====
Livraga studied letters and philosophy, then entered the history and 
history of art faculty of Buenos Aires university; however, his dream 
was to become a physician, making use of "occult science." A 
theosophist suggested he write to the President of the Society, 
Jinarajadasa. He did so, and was greatly surprised to receive an 
answer and definite advice on what to do. 

Using Jinarajadasa' s written instructions, Livraga (who had inherited 
a certain manual skill from his father) rebuilt the home cellar. He 
painted phosphorescent stars on the ceiling, Egyptian divinities on 
the walls and had his mother sew him a white dress. For some time, 
he "sealed" himself in this crypt. The acropolitans who were not 
allowed to read Almena were told that he closed himself into the 
crypt for years, but actually he himself writes that he went in and 
out, even taking exams at the University. 

In the cellar, he claims to have gone through out-of-body experiences 
and to have met "the Masters K.H., S., M." (the entities that Madame 
Blavatski had channelled). When he came out, he started living a 
normal life again, lighting a cigarette (he would always smoke, 
though moderately). 

One day, the new president of the Theosophical Society, Nantiloka Sri 
Ram ("the only Initiate I ever met") came for a short trip to 
Argentina and revealed to Livraga that he had deceived him, letting 
him think he could become a doctor, studying "in the Orient." Without 
knowing it, Livraga was the "last disciple of the Esoteric Section of 
the Theosophical Society", with an enormous task ahead of him. As 
Plato said, history is a tale of progressive political degeneration: 
government by the wise was replaced by government by the warrior 
caste, then by the merchants and finally by the masses. To stop this 
process, which had by now reached its penultimate stage, 
the "Masters" who secretly govern the world first created the 
Theosophical Society, but it had failed their mission; the last hope 
was to be a movement decided by Sri Ram, but founded by Livraga. A 
movement which would be part of history, rather than merely esoteric. 
The objective: stop the ascent of the brute masses to power, 
and "reopen the gates of the Mysteries", so the New Man could 
incarnate on earth. 

Sri Ram had tested three disciples, who did not know each other: 
Livraga and two others, one - oddly enough - in Perugia, Italy. The 
others had failed, and this was why he was chosen. I cannot of course 
say whether this story is true or not. I do have a postcard which 
Livraga once sent to the leaders of the organization, where one can 
see the youthful Livraga together with Sri Ram on one part of the 
card, on the other acropolitans of today shouting furiously, in 
between the one word IMPERIO! (Empire!)
============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ==
Quoted from: http://www.kelebekl txt/liv-gb. htm


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