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TS - Directors not replying to email

Nov 10, 2008 06:43 AM
by MKR

In one of the messages, there was a mention that the elected directors of
TSA do not reply to e-mail messages. When I did not get any reply to mine, I
too was surprised. So I have good company. It looks like they are receiving
orders from above, hope not from Himalayas, to keep their mouth shut.

TSA wants your sweat and money, but your representatives do not want to talk
to you. Hold on to your purses and be patient and pray and/or meditate so
that God will make them realize that what they are doing is not good to

There are times when one has to stand up to what one believes, no matter
what the price to pay is. That is the true test to see if all the book
learning has been internalized and applied in practice no matter what one's
external mask is to display respectability and acceptability by the masses.


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