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Use of Messages posted on this list

Nov 09, 2008 10:07 AM
by MKR

We all discuss a lot of things about theosophy and TS and other related
matters here. For us ordinary members, none of them have a commercial angle
in them. However, some people, especially on matters going on behind the
scene manueverings or machinations may not like you and me discussing or
quoting some of the materials from their keyboard or pen, even though they
may be available elsewhere and look forward to illegally assert copyright
and other previleges. A friend of mine recently mentioned that once you put
something in writing or in any electronic form, they are bound to come out
in the open sooner or later.

>From my personal point of view, on all theosophical and TS matters, anyone
is free to copy any of my messages and republish them in their blogs, nings,
wordpresses, etc. etc. as it would do a lot of good to theosophy and TS.
Better informed theosophists are, better it is for themselves and theosophy
and TS.


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