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TS - Once in a life time opportunity

Nov 09, 2008 07:34 AM
by MKR


We have a situation in the TS where a quartet of GC members secretly
proposed to speedily disenfranchise all of us in the election of the
International President and radically change the rules so that the wings of
the President is clipped and President made a puppet of the GC. Several have
written and suggested that the proposers withdraw them. But, they have not
and on the contrary seem to be pushing hard to get them thru in the upcoming
meeting next month. Why, because every one of the GC member will benefit and
already some horse trading may be going behind the scenes. Who are the
losers? Members, TS and Theosophy.

The origin of all the current problem can be traced to the recent election.
None of the members were told of the preferences of the National Secretary
before nomination and the reasons why. While legally they have the right to
do it, to run any organization, you need the full whole hearted support of
the members; more so with TS which is organized as fully autonomous at
section and lodge levels. Just before ballots came, we were given incorrect
and potentially misleading information that Radha Burnier is sick, both
mentally and physically and hence we should not elect her. Even when this
issue was laid to rest with the issue of certificates from three independent
physicians from two continents, the information provided to members on her
health was not corrected by section leaders. On the heels of the election, a
quartet of supporters proposed the above radical step to disenfranchise all
of us and take control of the Presidency. On the face of it, the least I can
say is it does not smell good.

The most critical issue facing TS today is NOT rules and governance
theories. But steep membership decline around the world. Numbers speak for
themselves and they stare at you. No one wants to talk about it and discuss
about possible things that can be done to stem the decline. Instead the
rules and governance issue is used as a red herring to divert the attention.


The disenfranchisement and radical change in rules is based on the
assumption that GC can do anything with the rules. This assumption seems to
be based on the interpretation by literal reading of them using a

Interpretation of the rules in the light of the powers of the dues paying
members, GC members and President is a legal matter and only lawyers
experienced in the laws governing them can do it. Professors and politicians
cannot. Many members are of the view that what the GC quartet is trying to
do is illegal. There are always limits to any powers and privileges. For
example in democratic countries there is freedom of speech. Go to your
church, temple or mosque and in the middle of a meeting or service try
shouting F*** words.


I have seen the tendency of elected leaders and bureaucrats to take
decisions and assert powers they do not have. If members feel their rights
or the organization interests are compromised and curtailed, the only
recourse is to go to the courts and nullify them. Litigation is expensive.
Members do not have the money to do it. However, the organization leaders
have immediate access to the treasury to defend themselves. Some sections
such as the USA, have a lot of money and also have a lot of past experience
in litigation. One time they even had an officer who was a veteran from
Krishnamurti Trust litigation who may have even taught some tricks. I hope
we do not come to it. But we should not let our guard down and be vigilant
for the possibility.


If members organize themselves to defend their rights and protect the
interests of TS and theosophy, then even with small contributions, enough
funds can be raised to support litigation. From time to time, we receive
requests for donations and bequests to support TS. We all want to support TS
and theosophy and contribute as much as we can afford in the tough economic
times. In view of the above, we should all think about withholding our
proposed contributions for the time being since the contributions may be
needed to defend our rights and long term interests of TS and theosophy. The
contributions can always be made later when the above issues are fully


Many of us have been around theosophy and TS for a long time. TS is facing a
very great challenge from a small group trying for a coup. We have not seen
anything like the current crisis in our life times. So it is our once in a
life-time opportunity to do what we can to protect TS and theosophy and we
will get our rewards. You do not want to miss it.



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