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TS - Membership Crisis

Nov 08, 2008 01:19 PM
by MKR


Decline in membership in all sections except Indian section, is the most
critical issue facing TS  today. We should also keep in mind that the TS was
organized with full autonomy at the Section and lodge levels, with no
interference from the President.  HSO&HPB had the counsel of the wise Inner
Founders in all organizational matters in early days of TS and I am sure it
was done with the express advise from them.

In India, membership has substantially increased during the last several
decades. However, during the same period, there is a sharp drop in all other

In my opinion, the fundamental reason for the growth in India is due to
membership activity at Lodge Level. I have seen at first hand, the dynamism,
high level of dedication and enthusiasm of members at the Lodge level.
Anyone doubting the dynamism, dedication and enthusiasm of members at Lodge
level in India, should visit the lodges and see for themselves first hand.

Outside India, American Section has the largest membership and perhaps the
most money in the treasury. However, membership has dropped rather
precipitously since1980's.  Here is an excerpt of a letter written in 1998
by a member of American Section to John Algeo who was then the National
President (Secretary), which is a decade ago. It was also posted on

"From 8000 members in 1980 when I joined, to less than 4000 today, how could
you let this happen?"

The full letter is at:

In addition, in the Dutch Section, according a recent statement, "NO" new
lodge has been chartered in the last "50 years", which may be the worst
record ever for any Section.

When the GC members have such a poor track record in stemming the membership
decline in their own sections, their secret attempt to quickly
disenfranchise members world-wide and seize control of the Presidency and
thus make the President a Puppet controlled by the GC obviously has nothing
to do with addressing the current critical membership decline situation.  It
is  an attempt to seize power and a red herring to distract membership
attention from the real critical issue facing the TS.

Members should fully understand what is really going on and contact their
sectional leaders and ask them for an explanation of what is going on and
question them where they stand on these issues. If the attempts of the
quartet  are successful, we will see the end of TS in our life time.



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