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Theos-World Re:TS - Are we ready for a coup?

Nov 08, 2008 10:09 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

I think Algeo's supporters should stop sending propaganda letters to 
other leaders. They should respect members and discuss with us and 
tell us what they are going to do in the next General Council meeting.

Pedro mentioned that the results of the election of the Vice-
President have been communicated to the GC members. Does this mean 
that Pedro's wife Linda is our new International Vice-President?

MKR is right. The fact is that the proposals were presented in hurry 
and in secrecy. This was a very big mistake. The proposals are not 
secret anymore, thanks to Pedro and MKR and other writers here since 
September 22 (I checked the date), and we know that now they are 
discussed even in the official American blog (which is of course very good to exist), 
but initially they were secret indeed. Algeo's supporters wanted to 
change the rules in the General Council meeting - they didn't want to 
discuss the proposals as a draft. They could discuss about drafts any 
time by email. So Warwick Keys and Betty Bland simply don't speak 
true in this thing! Wonder when we can start trusting our leaders 

Maybe "disenfranchisement " is too a strong word, but the fact is 
that the quartet proposed only  to few people that it would be only 
the GC which will elect the president. This is a big insult against 
members and this is the well reasoned point in accusations on un-
democracy. If the majority of the membership supported this 
amendment, then it would be ok to me, but I will not easily forgive 
the "Algeoans" this plan to remove the direct voting right without 
consulting to members.

The problem is like Anton wrote earlier that both blocs talk about 
different things. They don't meet each other.

I think Algeo and his friends mean good. I think we must also develop 
the international organization and rules and technology. They will 
help the Society in the long run. All big changes just should be made 
openly. We also need "Harry Potter literature" beside heavier and 
more traditional literature.

Radha's supporters seem to oppose talking about changes and visions. 
They continuously talk about legality and old ways. Legality is not 
the same as morality nor democracy. I wanted to write a long message 
against this issue in Aryel Sanat's letter, but unfortunately I 
didn't have time to do it. I just repeat what Anton wrote that our TS 
is not yet a democracy, although we at this moment have the direct 
voting right. I think Sections need more power into some things. I 
also found that Dan Naga wrote rightly in the above mentioned Ning 
blog about how the TS is not only a spiritual organization.

I guess Keys admitted that there is a decline in membership as he 
wrote about a sunking ship (the international TS). He also said that 
the new arrangements and new technology have given growth in 
membership in his country New Zealand.

MKR has emphasized correctly about the importance of the grass root 
level work. It is true that without discussing about the membership 
decline and transparency and without basic work ("on the back yard") 
it is not fruitful to change the international rules. It is probable 
that the changes made in the nineties in the United States harmed the 
American Section seriously because the process was not transparent 
and because the amendments didn't respect autonomy of lodges. Nobody 
can deny the big drop in membership numbers in America. Didn't Bland 
and Algeo learn anything about this mistake?

This whining about India by Algeo's supporters is weird. Americans 
and Europeans just should start making their Sections strong by 
listening to members. I respect Bland and Warwick that they dare to 
write to members.


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