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Pedro Oliveira: Can you give details of these harassments

Nov 08, 2008 07:28 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Pedro Oliveira,

You tell Theos-Talk readers:

2. The International Secretary, Keith Fisher, has been politically
harrassed on an almost daily basis by John Algeo's supporters. They
have accused him, among other things, of illegality in the nomination
and subsequent election of the Vice-President of the TS. He has
communicated the results of that election to all GC members.

3. The harassment messages sent to Fisher are been circularized to all
GC members plus a number of individuals throughout the world. This is
a clear attempt to condition and intimidate the minds of other GC
members in favour of the harasser's viepoints.

These are serious charges.

Can you provide us with some details about some of these harassments.

Can you give us some EXAMPLES of these "harassment messages" that 
have been CIRCULARIZED to all GC members?

Surely if this is happening it needs to be documented. 

And who are the individuals doing all of this?  Can you name names?

I suppose that these individuals would say that it is you who are 
mischaracterizing what they are doing and writing.

In other words, can you publish here on Theos-talk some of these 
documents even if you are disinclined to publish the names attached 
to the documents?


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