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Harassment of International Secretary by John Algeo's supporters

Nov 08, 2008 06:02 AM
by Anand

Dear Pedro,
This is a new information. It appears that quartet is still actively
working for their objects.
Thanks for the information.
Anand Gholap

--- In, "Pedro Oliveira" <prmoliveira@...>
> There is still a real possibility that John Algeo's supporters will
> attempt to seize control of the General Council at its meeting on
> Christmas Day this year. Here are the evidences:
> 1. The amendment proposal to disenfranchise ALL members of the TS from
> electing the international President has not been withdrawn by Betty
> Bland and her supporters (John Algeo, Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu and Wies
> 2. The International Secretary, Keith Fisher, has been politically
> harrassed on an almost daily basis by John Algeo's supporters. They
> have accused him, among other things, of illegality in the nomination
> and subsequent election of the Vice-President of the TS. He has
> communicated the results of that election to all GC members.
> 3. The harassment messages sent to Fisher are been circularized to all
> GC members plus a number of individuals throughout the world. This is
> a clear attempt to condition and intimidate the minds of other GC
> members in favour of the harasser's viepoints.
> 4. The harassers have also accused the International Headquarters and
> the President of being undemocratic and that she "removed" John Algeo
> as Vice-President. The nomination of a Vice-President is a
> constitutional prerogative of the President.
> It is true that the majority of GC members are silent about the
> present crisis, therefore making it difficult to gauge where they do
> stand. 
> Therefore those members who refuse to see the TS turned into a
> corporation run by a board of directors, and who know that once the
> election results are made known the elected President deserves
> support, have no alternative except to continue to denounce, in the
> strongest possible terms, the actions of a group of members who
> continue to attack the President, the Secretary and Adyar, our
> international Headquarters in a most shameless manner.
> If such a group were really interested in using the opportunity of the
> General Council meeting at Adyar to DISCUSS constructive suggestions
> to improve the work of the TS world wide, as TS members and not as
> lobbyists, I am sure this would be welcomed by all. But so far, their
> attitude has been one of extreme belligerence, utter disrespect to
> Radha Burnier as President of the TS, who was elected by the majority
> of the members, and widespread political harassment within the General
> Council.
> Pedro 
> > All the facts we are discussing here started when an attempt was
made to
> > defeat Radha Burnier by providing inaccurate and possibly misleading
> > information to the membership that she is sick both mentally and
> physically.
> > 
> > 
> > Even after three highly reputed independent physicians from two
> countries
> > reported that she is fit, none of those members who tried to
defeat her
> > corrected the inaccurate and possibly misleading information.  When
> such an
> > action comes from leaders who are expected to be fair and accurate,
> all it
> > leads to is that the trust level of ordinary members in their
> leaders falls
> > to earth. Once this happens, it is very difficult to believe in
> > they say. One has to take  everything with a grain of salt.
> > 
> > Most members thought that after the election was over, the matter was
> > settled and hoped that the leaders will start concentrating on the
> > urgent issue - severe bleeding of membership around the world. In any
> > organization whose membership is on a continuous slide, it is the
> > responsibility of the leaders to look into and do something about it
> > urgently. Due to the decentralized setup of TS, the responsibility
> is that
> > of the national secretaries. Nothing was heard about the membership
> issue or
> > any plans to address it at the section level.
> > 
> > On the heels of the election, instead, members woke up to find that a
> > quartet of GS members (including the defeated candidate) had sent a
> radical
> > proposal to be discussed and approved at the upcoming meeting. The
> proposal
> > was to disenfranchise all the members from voting for the
> > President and  make the President a puppet of the GC members. The
> proposal
> > was so super secret in that none of the dues paying members in
Adyar or
> > Wheaton (except GC members) knew about it and the worker bee members
> there
> > had to find out about it from this Internet list. In the
> pre-Internet days,
> > it would have been a coup and members would have woken  up on
> Christmas day
> > with a shock and dismay.
> > 
> > Since that time, we have not heard that the proposal has been
> > With the above background of how the leaders have acted in the past,
> one has
> > to assume that those behind the proposal and their supporters are
> determined
> > to get it done in the next meeting. Once it is a fait accompli, the
> losers
> > are the members, TS and theosophy. The winners, GC members.
> > 
> > The only quick way for members to challenge the legality of the
> coup, after
> > the fact would be to go to court.  Ordinary members do not have the
> funds to
> > hire lawyers and litigate. The GC once having accomplished the
coup, can
> > access the treasury and other assets to litigate and defend their
> decisions.
> > Further funding can come from the other sections which have a lot of
> money
> > in the bank.
> > 
> > Due to how secrecy surrounds all proposals and other behind the scene
> > actions and maneuverings,  we do not know what other machinations
> are going
> > on behind the closed doors. One should not be surprised by any other
> > surprise move to seize control by GC.
> > 
> > In the above scenario, are the members to keep silent? I do not
> think so.
> > 
> > MKR Member TSA
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 7:44 PM, Warwick Keys <keyteach@> wrote:
> > 
> > >   MKR talks a load of rubbish and should know better. He probably
> took a
> > > leading part in the "Reds under the bed" uproars of not so long
> ago. It is
> > > time to get real and deal with facts and not manufacture fiction.
> > >
> > > It is not surprising that responsible GC members do not bother
> responding,
> > > in fact most probably never even look at BLOG sites.
> > >
> > > Warwick Keys - GC member.
> > >
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> > >
> > >  
> > >
> > 
> > 
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