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Re: Theos-World Re:TS - Are we ready for a coup?

Nov 07, 2008 06:34 PM
by MKR

All the facts we are discussing here started when an attempt was made to
defeat Radha Burnier by providing inaccurate and possibly misleading
information to the membership that she is sick both mentally and physically.

Even after three highly reputed independent physicians from two countries
reported that she is fit, none of those members who tried to defeat her
corrected the inaccurate and possibly misleading information.  When such an
action comes from leaders who are expected to be fair and accurate, all it
leads to is that the trust level of ordinary members in their leaders falls
to earth. Once this happens, it is very difficult to believe in anything
they say. One has to take  everything with a grain of salt.

Most members thought that after the election was over, the matter was
settled and hoped that the leaders will start concentrating on the most
urgent issue - severe bleeding of membership around the world. In any
organization whose membership is on a continuous slide, it is the
responsibility of the leaders to look into and do something about it
urgently. Due to the decentralized setup of TS, the responsibility is that
of the national secretaries. Nothing was heard about the membership issue or
any plans to address it at the section level.

On the heels of the election, instead, members woke up to find that a
quartet of GS members (including the defeated candidate) had sent a radical
proposal to be discussed and approved at the upcoming meeting. The proposal
was to disenfranchise all the members from voting for the International
President and  make the President a puppet of the GC members. The proposal
was so super secret in that none of the dues paying members in Adyar or
Wheaton (except GC members) knew about it and the worker bee members there
had to find out about it from this Internet list. In the pre-Internet days,
it would have been a coup and members would have woken  up on Christmas day
with a shock and dismay.

Since that time, we have not heard that the proposal has been withdrawn.
With the above background of how the leaders have acted in the past, one has
to assume that those behind the proposal and their supporters are determined
to get it done in the next meeting. Once it is a fait accompli, the losers
are the members, TS and theosophy. The winners, GC members.

The only quick way for members to challenge the legality of the coup, after
the fact would be to go to court.  Ordinary members do not have the funds to
hire lawyers and litigate. The GC once having accomplished the coup, can
access the treasury and other assets to litigate and defend their decisions.
Further funding can come from the other sections which have a lot of money
in the bank.

Due to how secrecy surrounds all proposals and other behind the scene
actions and maneuverings,  we do not know what other machinations are going
on behind the closed doors. One should not be surprised by any other
surprise move to seize control by GC.

In the above scenario, are the members to keep silent? I do not think so.

MKR Member TSA


On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 7:44 PM, Warwick Keys <> wrote:

>   MKR talks a load of rubbish and should know better. He probably took a
> leading part in the "Reds under the bed" uproars of not so long ago. It is
> time to get real and deal with facts and not manufacture fiction.
> It is not surprising that responsible GC members do not bother responding,
> in fact most probably never even look at BLOG sites.
> Warwick Keys - GC member.
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