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Re: TS - Are we ready for a coup?

Nov 07, 2008 11:06 AM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Ramadoss,

>It is not an alarmist assessment. I have not seen any other reliable
information to contradict this possibility.<

On the Theosophical Community Betty Bland and Warwick Keys wrote the 

Betty Bland:

The presentation of my proposal was made according to one 
interpretation of the requirement of the International Rules. If this 
has been perceived as secretive, then members should insist on the 
needed reforms to allow for transparency in decision making. These 
Rules are so poorly written that another interpretation prevented the 
proposal from being placed on the agenda, thus providing an 
additional example of the need to clarify and modernize many other 
procedures in addition to the election process.

Warwick Keys:

The place for reasoned, thoughtful and positive discussion on such 
matters is certainly not the internet which tends to be the forum for 
the pedling of misinformation and mischief making by a few at the 
expense of positive productive and reasoned discussion in an 
atmosphere of goodwill. I have already said elsewhere that I want to 
talk about these matters at Adyar at the General Council meeting. As 
it will not be on the official agenda any discussion this year will 
be informal.


There seems clear that proposed Amendments to the TS Rules and 
Regulations will not be on official agenda of the GC meeting and will 
be discussed only informally.

Best regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
>  All the GC members are silent about whether they support or oppose 
> effort of a few GC members' attempt to secretly and quickly 
> members and other radical changes aimed at seizing the control over 
> International President to make the President a puppet controlled 
by the GC.
> The GC meeting is not too far away. The only cautious conclusion 
one can
> come to is that the GC members seem to support them and we all will 
wake up
> surprised on the Christmas Day with this present. Human nature in 
Adyar is
> the same as in London, said one of the Masters behind TS Movement.
> This is because, the above move strengthens their positions and 
power and
> there may be horse trading already going on as to whom they want to 
> by appointing to coveted International positions and of course 
> likes to have high sounding titles.
> It is not an alarmist assessment. I have not seen any other reliable
> information to contradict this possibility. I have seen in other
> organizations, those in power frequently assert power beyond what 
they are
> legally entitled to, because the only quick recourse the ordinary 
> have is to seek legal remedy. Legally challenging involves spending 
a lot of
> money. Members do not have the kind of money needed. However, once 
GC seizes
> power, they will have access to all the funds they need. This can 
be also
> supplemented from the treasury of TSA.
> So it is time for members to think about what they want to do. Just 
> quiet and trust the Karma will take care? I do not know.
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