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TS - Are we ready for a coup?

Nov 07, 2008 09:32 AM
by MKR

 All the GC members are silent about whether they support or oppose the
effort of a few GC members' attempt to secretly and quickly disenfranchise
members and other radical changes aimed at seizing the control over the
International President to make the President a puppet controlled by the GC.

The GC meeting is not too far away. The only cautious conclusion one can
come to is that the GC members seem to support them and we all will wake up
surprised on the Christmas Day with this present. Human nature in Adyar is
the same as in London, said one of the Masters behind TS Movement.

This is because, the above move strengthens their positions and power and
there may be horse trading already going on as to whom they want to reward
by appointing to coveted International positions and of course everyone
likes to have high sounding titles.

It is not an alarmist assessment. I have not seen any other reliable
information to contradict this possibility. I have seen in other
organizations, those in power frequently assert power beyond what they are
legally entitled to, because the only quick recourse the ordinary members
have is to seek legal remedy. Legally challenging involves spending a lot of
money. Members do not have the kind of money needed. However, once GC seizes
power, they will have access to all the funds they need. This can be also
supplemented from the treasury of TSA.

So it is time for members to think about what they want to do. Just sit
quiet and trust the Karma will take care? I do not know.

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