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HIde and Seek - A Greek Tale

Nov 07, 2008 01:06 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Hide and
Seek ? A Greek Tale

Once upon time, all human feelings and values meet somewhere on earth to play hide
and seek.   Madness introduced herself three times to Holiness
and they decided to hide and play games with each other for while. 

Interest raised his eyebrow waiting to hear from Curiosity which without having the possibility to keep quiet asked: What is hidden?

Enthusiasm, Euphoria and Joy began dancing. Joy was jumping up and down trying to attract Dilemma and Apathy which never were
interested to play with anything.

But there were many others who also did not want to play. Truth did not want to play because she knew they could found her; if she would
join them. Arrogance thought the game was stupid and Coward did not want to take any risk.

Pathos (passion miscalled love) and Pothos (desire) hide themselvesinside Hephaestus (Volcano). Erota (Passion-love) had difficult to
find a place to hide for every place was taken, and he searched until he found a bush of roses and hide himself there.

...998, 999. 1000 counted Madness who began searching, the first she found was Laziness who could not manage to hide very far. After she
found Faith talking with the Sky, and she felt the rhythms of Pathos and Pothos coming from the depths of Hephaestus. Consequently she
found Jealousness and it wasn't difficult at all to find Exultation.

She found very easy Dilemma who could not decide where to hide. Slowly she found everyone except Erota.

Madness was searching for Erota everywhere. Behind every tree, underevery stone, on the top of every mountain, but nothing. When she was
almost ready to give up she found a bush of roses and nervous began searching in it, until she heard a sound of pain. It was Erota whose eyes were hurt accidentally by madness with the rose's thorns.

Madness crying did not know how to correct her mistake and begged forgiveness
for Erota. From that day and on Madness decided to guide Erota. Since that day
Erota (love-passio) become blind and madness is always guiding him.


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