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Reason given for disenfranchisement is invalid

Nov 06, 2008 10:21 AM
by Anand

The reason given for disenfranchisement of members was wrong idea that
members can not wisely vote in election because of their ignorance
about candidates and other matters. 
This reason is not right, but even if it is assumed that there is
partially true, this problem is already taken care of in the present
constitution of the TS. 
Let us consider the election procedure. Each elected General Secretary
nominates three persons for the post of President. Other members of
the GC nominate one person each. 
Only three persons who receive highest nominations from the GC members
can stand for the election of the President. That means, to great
extent, even in the present system of election, General Council
members are limiting the choice of members. 
That means effectively General Council is saying to ordinary members
of the TS " We have selected three candidates for the post of the
President. Now elect one among these three candidates"
So even if it is assumed that members are completely ignorant about
many things, they still can not elect the President who is not already
approved by the General Council.
So reason given for disenfranchisement is invalid.
Anand Gholap

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