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Clarification about Voting

Nov 05, 2008 11:19 PM
by Anand

When I recommended changes in the constitution of the TS, I used word
voting in two different contexts. 
What I wanted to say it this. International President of the TS should
be elected by directly voting by all members of the TS. Here word
voting is used regarding election of the President.
But there is also other context in which I have used the word voting.
In General Council meeting, decisions may require voting by the
General Council members on matters other than the election of the
President. So, in this context, voting word is used regarding voting
by the GC members on matters other than election of the President. 
I had sent below message earlier and I want to say that when I say
voting by General Council members, I meant voting on the points of
agenda of GC meetings. When I say voting by General Council members,
it was not about election of the President of the TS.
Election of the International President of the TS must be done by
voting by all members of the TS.
Here are my views. President should be elected by all members of the TS.
There are required changes in some other rules. At present, both India
and America have much less representation in the General Council than
what they deserve.
Following changes will make General Council much more sound, just,
stable and effective.
It will enable us to bring more ideas and efforts in Theosophical work
from enlarged General Council.

If size of the General Council is too small TS can become victim of
the whims of few individuals. Larger size enables more balanced
decision making. And it brings knowledge and efforts from more people.
One representative should come to the General Council for every 200
ordinary members of the TS.
Membership in India is 13,000.
13,000 divided by 200 is 65. So India should send 65 representatives
to the General Council.
America has around 5000 members. 5000 divided by 200 is 25. So America
should send 25 representatives to the General Council.
Similarly total membership of the TS is 30000.
30,000 divided by 200 is 150. So total representative in the GC should
be 150.

While decision making, each representative will have one vote.

Due to proportionate representation in the General Council, some
countries may not be able to send one full member to the GC. For
example, some Sections might be eligible to send only half the
representative to the GC. In such case that country may send one
member to the GC, but such member shall not have voting rights.
Only a full member should vote.
Reason why all countries should be eligible to send at least one
representative is they can present their country specific problems to
the General Council and
their views will at least be heard.
Some people have said that it will be difficult to travel that much.
But generally GC meeting is during the international convention days,
when many officers come. And even if some GC members are not able to
come, they can send their votes by post on points on agenda. At other
times they can discuss issues through e-mails and online forums.
Anand Gholap

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