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Re: Theos-World TS - Can we learn something from Politicians?

Nov 05, 2008 02:02 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Martin

My views are:

>From time to time I experience that disappointed Seekers After Truth react like you do in the below.

You will have to learn to have patience and sometimes learn slowly, and let your compassionate heart beat shine on all humans dead or alive.
The Law of Karma is swift.

- - - - - - 
I do not like to recommend videos. But this time I cautiously will dare to do so.
Try to compare the two following videos, and seek to make a fair judgement...

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his most famous address, "I have a dream." Closed captioned - 17 min

Barack Obama Speaks at Dr. King's Church

M. Sufilight

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Martin 
  Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 3:23 PM
  Subject: Re: Theos-World TS - Can we learn something from Politicians?

  As I predicted, you got yourself as devil as your president, but that is better than a dead soul.

  A devil can be converted, a dead soul is back to the stones. Stones, I
  thank my God, can't turn into would be to poisonous for most
  people. Speaking about les poisons, we are at the brink of Aquarius,
  but not yet, haha.

  Also the waterbearer has 2 tins of water, one with the elixer of life
  (coca cola), the other poison (pepsi)...which will win the test?

  A man doesn't live by bread only, he said...true, water is usefull too ánd space to live!!! 

  Hey budy can you spare me a dime, I got to sell my house, for some dickhead has been collapsing the moneysystem, whoehohahahaha.

  What next mr. Overlord? Erhmmm the Mahamava(n or no n?)tara said, you
  got me there...I will leave this system not yet, but I have great plans
  with this earth. 

  By all the suns and star galaxies...I replied, the most difficult thing
  to master in this Avaitchi is patience...give that woman a deck of
  cards! No, the Mahachohan interferred, she will earn them by writing a
  couple of books we dictate, and then she can have her scrambled eggs,
  but this time WITHOUT meat! And some fags to smoke, I continued?

  That will confuse her brain even more, Morya said, while preparing his own pipe, Sinnet sent him.

  By Jove, I heard the woman jell, I run out of matches! Give her that
  deck of Cards, the Mahamavatara ordered the Mahachohan...Raging with
  fire, he delegated the wish of the Overlord to Mrs. K. Hoomi, who was
  very frightened when she saw her boss going out of his mind. She on her
  turn gave Damodar a piece of paper to be rank xeroxed in a jiffy to the
  old Colonel, who with his mesmerising heart healed a few people to earn
  the old Lady a deck of cards.

  Sofar a little inside the conversation that took place between a few
  Dzyan Chohans, a long time ago in another Galaxy far away...

  --- On Wed, 11/5/08, MKR <> wrote:
  From: MKR <>
  Subject: Theos-World TS - Can we learn something from Politicians?
  Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 3:03 PM

  I was watching the US Presidential election coverage on the TV last night.

  While theosophy and TS does not get involved in politics, what stuck me was

  the speech given by the losing candidate who worked long and hard in the

  race. It was a very moving and magnanimous one, conceding the election

  results and urging the followers and the Nation to support the newly elected

  President so that the country can move forward in a unified manner. The

  losing candidate did not Whine; Did not complain about anything in the

  election. It was a striking contrast to what we have seen in the recent

  election of the TS President.

  It is very sad that with all the valuable Ancient Wisdom knowledge we have

  received from theosophical classics and other texts on ancient wisdom and

  the various interpretations of them, may be theosophists, especially the

  "leaders" walk to a different drummer.

  It is more sad that just on the heels of the election, members were

  surprised and shocked to learn about the ultra secret attempt to quickly

  disenfranchise the members and change the rules and seize the control of the

  Presidency by a handful of GC members. This is reminiscent of the coups we

  have seen in some countries where the military brass seize control. It is

  even more shocking and pitiful that the move officially originated in the

  USA and more so in Chicago.

  Are any "leaders" listening and reading this? Is there a lesson that

  theosophists can learn? What will prospective members think when they read

  all this? Is this what we want at a time when the membership is bleeding and

  threatens the survival outside India? Silence is not going to solve the

  problem. Active steps are needed now to fix it without delay.



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