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Algeo's motives Re: TS - Disenfranchisement - Comments of a GC Member

Nov 05, 2008 01:40 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Anand,

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:

> The system of election of the international President, which John
> Algeo camp is suggesting, will make TS much more vulnerable to

I'm also for the direct elections, though in sake of justice I have to
note that John Algeo is sincere in his statement where he writes that
he is happy that he wasn't elected. He wrote me the same thing in a
private letter just after the elections took place, long before the
proposals about rule 10 were made. So it's not his selfish interest
but just his point of view on the welfare of the Society, with which
we may not agree.
Of course, I couldn't mention it earlier, before I've seen the same
things in an open statement.

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