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TS - Can we learn something from Politicians?

Nov 05, 2008 06:03 AM
by MKR

I was watching the US Presidential election coverage on the TV last night.
While theosophy and TS does not get involved in politics, what stuck me was
the speech given by the losing candidate who worked long and hard in the
race. It was a very moving and magnanimous one, conceding the election
results and urging the followers and the Nation to support the newly elected
President so that the country can move forward in a unified manner. The
losing candidate did not Whine; Did not complain about anything in the
election. It was a striking contrast to what we have seen in the recent
election of the TS President.

It is very sad that with all the valuable Ancient Wisdom knowledge we have
received from theosophical classics and other texts on ancient wisdom and
the various interpretations of them, may be theosophists, especially the
"leaders" walk to a different drummer.

It is more sad that just on the heels of the election, members were
surprised and shocked to learn about the ultra secret attempt to quickly
disenfranchise the members and change the rules and seize the control of the
Presidency by a handful of GC members. This is reminiscent of the coups we
have seen in some countries where the military brass seize control. It is
even more shocking and pitiful that the move officially originated in the
USA and more so in Chicago.

Are any "leaders" listening and reading this? Is there a lesson that
theosophists can learn? What will prospective members think when they read
all this? Is this what we want at a time when the membership is bleeding and
threatens the survival outside India? Silence is not going to solve the
problem. Active steps are needed now to fix it without delay.



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