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Re: Theos-World GROUPLY Warning agains hacking yahoo groups

Nov 04, 2008 05:33 AM
by MKR

Glad you posted.  I have also posted the warning two times before.


On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 6:01 AM, christinaleestemaker <> wrote:

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> If you have a Yahoo account......... or are on Yahoo Groups, read
> this.
> This is a new site which advertises they can make accessing your
> groups faster and easier. Most of us are too seasoned to fall for
> something like this, but I am posting this as a warning.
> This is what happens when you join:'First, when a member joins, it
> automatically changes their primary email address for the groups,
> giving them a extension. This is being done unaware to
> those who are joining.
> Secondly, members who join the grouply website are having to give
> their member ID and password. This opens up a security issue for
> those members.
> Thirdly, once a member joins grouply, it opens access to the files
> and posts of each group to the grouply website. Grouply staff can
> then access these files. If they get hacked, then it opens the doors
> to the groups getting hacked as well. It has also been reported that
> it's generating a lot of spam already.
> 'In other words, information from a group can be made accessible to
> everyone, and massive amounts of spam with your email address can be
> generated.
> The following information tells you the steps which need to be
> taken if someone has joined
> There is a message going out to different Yahoo Groups advertising
> and suggesting that you join a new group called GROUPLY. This group
> claims to help manage all your Yahoo groups and you will get a
> summary, at the end of the day, telling you what is going on in all
> your groups.
> IF YOU JOIN THIS GROUP, they use your Yahoo ID and password to
> post'mass mailings' (can be junk, can be porno) and send them to
> anyone, and since it's YOUR ID they are using, others will think it
> is coming from you. For instance, you could get an email CLAIMING
> that it came from 'emagic2' Yahoo group and it really is not from
> this group. I could get an email, with this mass mailing, claiming it
> came from me, and it wouldn't have been from me.
> leave Grouply. Then go into your account at:
> <http://groups. <>
>>http://groups. <>
> and change your password. Some
> groups have posted that this will help. Unsubbing from that group
> won't make a difference (but I think you will want to) so change your
> Yahoo Password. By joining this group you have also exposed all your
> groups, group members and group leaders to
> hacking of their emails and group information. Because of this
> problem, all members with a email are being removed from
> the affected groups. This is the only way to protect all the members.
> This is how Identity theft gets going. They now have your real email,
> your yahoo emails, any emails listed in your yahoo group and can mail
> as you in and out of the yahoo groups.
> I hope you understand what is happening and will take precautions to
> protect your Yahoo ID.
> Thanks;The Yahoo Team
> Also there are asking your password otherwise your account will
> falling down and that happens by

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