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Warning agains hacking yahoo groups

Nov 04, 2008 04:01 AM
by christinaleestemaker
If you have a Yahoo account......... or are on Yahoo Groups, read

This is a new site which advertises they can make accessing your
groups faster and easier. Most of us are too seasoned to fall for
something like this, but I am posting this as a warning.

This is what happens when you join:'First, when a member joins, it
automatically changes their primary email address for the groups,
giving them a extension. This is being done unaware to
those who are joining.

Secondly, members who join the grouply website are having to give
their member ID and password. This opens up a security issue for
those members.

Thirdly, once a member joins grouply, it opens access to the files
and posts of each group to the grouply website. Grouply staff can
then access these files. If they get hacked, then it opens the doors
to the groups getting hacked as well. It has also been reported that
it's generating a lot of spam already.

'In other words, information from a group can be made accessible to
everyone, and massive amounts of spam with your email address can be

The following information tells you the steps which need to be
taken if someone has joined


There is a message going out to different Yahoo Groups advertising
and suggesting that you join a new group called GROUPLY. This group
claims to help manage all your Yahoo groups and you will get a
summary, at the end of the day, telling you what is going on in all
your groups.

IF YOU JOIN THIS GROUP, they use your Yahoo ID and password to
post'mass mailings' (can be junk, can be porno) and send them to
anyone, and since it's YOUR ID they are using, others will think it
is coming from you. For instance, you could get an email CLAIMING
that it came from 'emagic2' Yahoo group and it really is not from
this group. I could get an email, with this mass mailing, claiming it
came from me, and it wouldn't have been from me.

leave Grouply. Then go into your account at:
<http://groups. <>>http://groups. <> and change your password. Some
groups have posted that this will help. Unsubbing from that group
won't make a difference (but I think you will want to) so change your
Yahoo Password. By joining this group you have also exposed all your
groups, group members and group leaders to
hacking of their emails and group information. Because of this
problem, all members with a email are being removed from
the affected groups. This is the only way to protect all the members.

This is how Identity theft gets going. They now have your real email,
your yahoo emails, any emails listed in your yahoo group and can mail
as you in and out of the yahoo groups.

I hope you understand what is happening and will take precautions to
protect your Yahoo ID.
Thanks;The Yahoo Team

Also there are asking your password otherwise your account will 
falling down and that happens by

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